About Stacy

WHY GLITTER? Simple: I love running for the beauty of it all, not so much for speed or distance.

I am a lifelong athlete who developed the perfect point guard stance (and gaping mouth that puts Michael Jordan’s famed tongue to shame) at the age of, well, looks about three. In short, I was warding off defenders while Velcro was still all the rage. But since a career in the WNBA never happened (or in the fashion industry: hi, pink giraffes), I transferred my love to a sport of a different kind.

Today, as a 20-something-year-old New Yorker (who is currently living the Philadelphia dream), I think I can finally qualify myself as a runner — and mainly because I can’t say that I’m not a runner either.

The Dilemma

Honestly, it sounds weird to write it out — I am a runner — in words, because I’ve been putting one foot in front of the other at faster speeds than walking for a really, really long time now. Since my sophomore year of college, to be exact.

The Back-Story

The quick and dirty is that I didn’t begin running because I loved racing. In fact, I hated racing up until the summer of 2011, when I signed up and completed my first half marathon. (In a naive burst of wisdom, I figured that if I could run 7 miles, why not go for 13.1?)

The moment I crossed the finish line of the 2011 Queens Half Marathon, I vowed to never participate in another race again, claiming that it ruined the entire reason why I’m so obsessed with running to begin with; that I can just go out there and enjoy the fresh air (well, relatively; I do live in Manhattan, after all), without the stress of having to accomplish anything besides working up a sweaty glow.

The Transformation

As most runners can tell you, once you cross the finish line, you’ll probably cross another — and another, and another. Even if you have to do it in a snow storm.

I don’t run races often, and because I’m somewhat runner-injury-prone (re: piriformis syndrome, Achilles tendinitis) I try to keep ’em short enough that I don’t have to dedicate my every waking hour to training. Here and there, if there’s a good friend or new co-worker signing up for a race, I’m there. Otherwise, I tend to stick to fun runs. The difference is that I am no longer anti-race.

A Few Other Pivotal Facts

I am a University of Michigan alum and, after four fun yet often heart-breaking years in The Big House, followed by one-too-many sorrowful burritos consumed on the walk home, I know more than I thought I ever would about a football team. (Go blue!)

Anyway, Ann Arbor is where I first began to run, and it gets cold. Really, really cold. At a time when I was going through a pretty rough patch in my life (identity crisis, young adult depression, anxiety attacks and the likes — NBD), running became a better outlet than I could ever have imagined. It continues to be to this day. Racing past the river, weaving through the arboretum — those are some of the calmest memories I have of those particularly tough years. I really don’t know where I’d be without them.

Actually, I do know. I’d probably be fishing with my dad. I am a great fisherwoman, and being out on the water among family is another way that I find balance and peace. (Did I mention my folks call me the pickerel queen?)

(Note: This is a bass, not a pickerel.)

You might also find me elegantly trying some exciting new cuisine. I’m a BIG foodie.

Conquering new terrain (this picture is from my trip to Acadia National Park in Maine).

Taking pictures (I use a Canon Rebel or a good old iPhone).

Or drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine. (Usually Sauvignon Blanc or Malbec. Never Chardonnay.)

So, that’s me, Stacy. I am an East Coast-based writer and runner; a generally good cook; and the only Lazar (now Goodman) who didn’t want to take over the family chocolate store. Running is my ultimate source of sanity, as are Law & Order reruns, sample sales (tear — not a Philly thing), comfy white t-shirts, and of course, anything that glitters. It’s not all gold – but it certainly makes life a lot prettier.

Thanks for visiting; hope you’ll stick around!


48 thoughts on “About Stacy

  1. Good lord – a family chocolate store? Now that is some fine fortune!

    On another note, I love your running story. Passion for running is hard to explain and you’ve done an amazing job at it!

    • I know, a sugar dynasty of sorts. I just fuel for races with gummies and caramel, which I’m not sure is exactly healthy. But it definitely makes running fun. And thank you! I really, really appreciate it!

  2. I’ve got a google alert set to “greenbelt trail” and it grabbed your great post. There are many places on LI to pick up the Greenbelt, try Bethpage Sate Park or there is a parking lot on Jericho Tpk in Woodbury, you can go North towards CSH from there or South towards the Park. I run those trails almost every day, just watch out for mountain bikers, they are VERY courteous but if you don’t hear them coming a collision can be horrendous. The hilliest part is where you were, it is much flatter but still a great run the further South you go.

    • Thank you so much! Ha, keep reading and you’ll see MANY mornings I run for mimosas. Usually on weekends. Usually. And also for bloody Marys and other alcoholic morning concoctions. Don’t judge.

    • Oh my, this makes me so happy.

      My all time favorite running path in Ann Arbor was down Washtenaw to the river. Once you hit the river, you can take the path back toward campus. You end up by the hospital and facing a massive hill, but it’s beautiful and totally worth it to spend time by the river. You also pass Angelos on the way back to campus. Just, you know, in case you need an emergency order of hash browns.

      Another less scenic but nice loop is to run down past all the frats (I forget the name of the main road, shame on me!) toward Trader Joe’s, and then to loop back around and run around The Big House, to main street, and back to campus.

      Wow, that just took me back. Thank you for that! Go Blue 🙂

      • Thanks! I must try that out– I love running on Main, but in the summer, all the restaurants start their outside seating so I try avoiding this route during dinner time! Go Blue!

  3. Love your passion for running! I agree…there’s nothing quite like crossing the finish line! And anyone who runs for wine and glitter is a friend of mine 🙂

    • Consistency. That’s honestly it. Choose a week and don’t give yourself the option NOT to run…even if it’s only a mile to say you did it. You’ll find that the hardest part is getting out the door. And once you’ve got the habit, there’s no turning back. It’s all about putting on your sneakers!

  4. I just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I’ve really enjoyed reading all about your runs. It’s great to connect with another runner, especially one who gets to run in a place WAY more exciting than the suburbs of Kansas City 🙂 You can read more about the award in my latest post here: http://fitbuttfabulous.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/who-me/

    Thanks for being inspirational!

  5. Hey Stacy! Just found you thru your post on FitFluential! I’m also a writer and editor, and don’t like Chardonnay, either! Is that “Shalom” tattooed on your wrist in one of the pics? Anyway, nice to “meet” you in the blog world!

    • Yes, it is 🙂 Among other Hebrew / Yiddish sayings. Chardonnay sucks, and because of it, we can now be friends. Nice to “meet” you too! Hope to see you around the blog world!

  6. Love your blog. Need to be in NYC for some meetings, but planning everything around your running routes. What a great source. Thanks

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