Gray Days, Graduations and the Final Monday Run


I’ve been on a pretty awesome run (slash) workout streak lately — like, legitimately hadn’t skipped a day in at least three weeks as of this weekend. And it’s felt wonderful. The days are getting longer, so it’s brighter in the morning. The air is getting warmer, even if there’s still a slight chill to it. And the top 40 hits list is phenomenal. I seriously feel like I’ve been dancing through every minute of every run. Thank you, J.T.

The only downside to spring so far has been the sunshine – or lack thereof. Spring may be in the air, but for the last week or more, it’s been nothing but gray, gray, gray and more gray. Today’s the exception — and even then, it was just 42 degrees when I woke up this morning.

So, imagine my excitement when I learned last week that it’d be 60 and sunny by 8am on Thursday. I went to sleep raring to go, already anticipating my morning run.

Fast forward to 3am, Friday morning, when I woke up with a splitting headache — a borderline migraine. I finally willed myself back to sleep after about 30 minutes, but by the time I woke up in the morning, I was exhausted. My body was heavy, tired, deflated. I felt like I’d been through a war.

With sunshine outside my window, I debated — to run or not to run, isn’t that always the question?

Eventually, I caved. 99.9999999% of the time, I run — or yoga, or barre, workout with some weights. That day, I chose rest. That day, I chose to be smart.

Of course, this weekend was so busy with graduation and whatnot that I barely had time to run. I squeezed in a quick one on Saturday before my in-laws arrived in Philly, which was immediately followed by a day of socializing and gluttonous caloric consumption.


And yesterday — graduation day — between brunches, family time, and the ceremony itself, running was simply not an option.


On the bright side, I was able to finish up a full five miles this morning, which is always how I prefer to start my week. The strange part about all of this is that today was my final Monday morning run in the city of Philadelphia. With only five days to go before our big Boston move, I’m feeling determined to soak as much Philly running in. 


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