Stop Toying With My Emotions, Spring


This time of year is always fairly frustrating when you look at it through runners’ eyes. Morning runners, specifically. The days are longer, sunnier and warmer, sure. But the mornings — today, for instance was 39 degrees — make me want to cry.

Sometimes I do — but not really. It’s just that I tend to tear when the temperature dips below 40 or so. I always wonder what my fellow early risers — dog walkers, construction workers, other early worm go-getters — think when they see me jogging with droplets of water literally streaming down my face. It’s uncontrollable, but don’t worry. I’m not sad. I just look it.

I’m beyond ready for the mornings to warm up; running with gloves, 180s and layers upon layers just feels … wrong … when you’re surrounded by pink blossoms …


… white petals …


… and endless blue skies.


Based on my surroundings alone, it feels like a dream really, and I’ve been trying to soak as much of it in as I can before summer brings unbearable heat and I start to whine about that too.

A few weekends ago, Noah and I did just that and found the perfect little hike to take us from Sunday morning to evening. It’s called the Wissahickon (say it with me … Wiss-a-hick-on) Gorge, and it’s comprised of miles and miles of beautiful, well-groomed trails. They’re not too difficult either and provide just enough of a challenge to make you feel as though you deserved that extra frosted cupcake after dinner. Here are a few pictures from that afternoon:


Noah, on a big rock.


Me, on a log, wearing 100% new workout clothes. Because the first place you should always wear new gear is somewhere with a lot of mud.


Noah, being zen.

I can hardly begin to describe how happy I was that we decided to get out of the apartment and explore what turned out to be, basically, our own backyard. The trailhead was no more than 20 minutes from where we live, though you’d never know it. And it was quiet, and peaceful, and I could go on and on and on.

And then, it was back to reality. There is a lot happening in our lives at the moment and it’s about to get pretty hectic. For the meantime, I’ll just keep running on the trail I’m on — and look forward new ones in the future.


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