5 Ways to Break Through Humid Summer Runs

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I’ve never been one to avoid my daily run due to weather. Rain or shine, it’s a good day to run. I even find joy in running through snow.

The one thing I simply despise, however, is humidity. It feels like wading through water. And within just one step, you know. The viscous air hits you like hot lava — a wave of steamy, heavy tar.

To run or not to run? On humid summer days, that is the question. It’s one that has come up again and again (and again) over the last couple of weeks. Philly has been particularly sweaty. So, here’s how I break through humid summer runs.

1. Keep it White and Light

Forget black tanks, sleeves, or anything that covers you more than you need to be cloaked. T-shirts are out the window. Tanks are in. The lighter the shorts, the better. On humid summer mornings, I wear the least amount of clothing necessary while still covering my top half; I’m not a sports bra-only runner. Moisture-wicking clothing is a plus. Both Lululemon and Athleta make some great moisture-wicking shorts, and Under Armour has a top that I just love.

2. Sunnies

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Especially when it’s hot and humid. Running and squinting don’t mix well — not to mention that you can damage your eyes. For running in summer heat, I love the Oakley Frogskins. They’re light, and they stay put (even on my small face).

3. Headband

If you’re reading this blog, then you might have guessed. I don’t glow when I run. I sweat like a beast. The problem? I wear contacts, so every drop of sweat that rolls into my eyes feels like acid. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but seriously, it burns. Moisture-wicking headbands are a must for me.

4. Water, Before and After

I am the absolute worst when it comes to hydrating, but I’m also the first to know that humid runs take everything out of you — and fast. Even despite drinking extra water over the last couple of weeks, I’ve wound up with a pretty nasty headache one or three times. Don’t mess around here.

5. Cold Blast

File this under embarrassing moments. Inevitably, about two minutes after I walk into the office, someone starts chatting me up, and within moments, I’m dripping sweat. Seriously. Drops forming on my face, I can feel my cheeks heating up. On humid summer mornings, your core temperature doesn’t just poof! — magically drop down. Even when i arrive at the office an hour afterward, I’m still struggling. To help, I often blast myself with cool (not freezing, but on the colder side) water to help level my body out.

What are your tricks for beating the summer heat and squeezing in steamy runs?


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