If You Can’t Stand the Cold, Run

I should have known that if Monday’s run looked like this…

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 7.59.37 AM

…then Tuesday’s run would be nowhere near as nice.

I had conflicting feelings when I woke up to snow yesterday morning. By the time the skies brightened enough so that I could see the white coating outside my window, I could feel the sense of dread build up inside of me. But then, an unexpected sense of excitement rolled in.

The first snowy run of the season. How could I skip out?

If you’ve never considered running in the snow before, then I suggest you go out and immediately purchase a waterproof jacket, some gloves, a hat, and ski socks. Try it. The hardest part is motivating yourself to get out of bed when the weather outside is frightful. Once you do, once you’re out there, and once–after a five to 10 blocks you warm up–it can be hard to go back in.

My only word of caution: Take those first few steps in the snow slowly and gauge the conditions of the street. Yesterday, the snow was packed tightly on the sidewalks, meaning I didn’t feel as though my feet would slip. If it’s icy or slippery, you always have the option to go back in and crawl back under a giant pile of blankets.

And remember. During snow conditions, safety comes first. Don’t get crazy trying to break records or run like the howling wind. Take it slow, look closely for icy patches or any inconsistencies in the sidewalk beneath your feet. And just try to enjoy the beauty of the flakes falling around you, the folks bundled up on their way to work, and the accumulation of snow as it builds at your feet.

Snowy runs can be absolutely beautiful. But, I guarantee you’ll hate them if you don’t take the time to soak it all in.

What do you think? Snowy runs: Yay or Nay?


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