Try Something New. Wear Compression Shorts. Get Weird.

I’m not typically one for change; I’m a creature of habit, and I don’t handle it well. Needless to say, moving to Philadelphia has been a major change, but despite this, I’ve been reluctant to resist new opportunities that come my way. It’s not a new me, it’s just reality.

New friends (take that, social anxiety).

New running routes (along a couple of pretty cool rivers).

Picture 3

New coffee shop (with a delicious lavender green iced tea, might I add).

New sushi takeout (from small, cheap restaurants that have far exceeded my expectations; Philly food rocks).

No matter where I run though, whether in New York, Philadelphia, or along the rings of Saturn, I have avoided compression shorts like the plague. This was something I held firm on.

Until now.

Picture 13

I bought these Nike compression shorts during the Paragon warehouse sale back in Manhattan’s Union Square. They scared me when I found them, but for $4, I simply couldn’t resist. If nothing else, I figured, they’d make for an excellent Halloween costume — maybe as a California Raisin.

After about two years of laughing at these beauties every time I opened my running drawer, I finally took the plunge. And it was a very, very purple plunge. Clad with massive purple headphones at that.

This was my most recent attempt to try something new (beyond looking like a fool), in hopes that it will inspire me to continue to seek adventure. Following up this first jaunt in compression shorts, I tried on another pair of booty shorts at Lululemon last time I raided their sale section. This attempt didn’t go so well, and I walked out of the store with a deflated ego and two overpriced yet discounted running shorts.

Regardless, as with anything in the running world, we approach these challenges one step at a time. But for now, my steps will be taken in less revealing shorts.

Compression shorts: yay or nay?

When’s the last time you tried something new in fitness? 


5 thoughts on “Try Something New. Wear Compression Shorts. Get Weird.

  1. I love trying new running gears, and I love the compression shorts except that may legs are maybe too thick to wear them haha. And I like to run with skirts but I haven’t seen anyone wearing them in the US yet. And a random question, I’ve just moved to Urbana-IL, coming from a tropical country… So did you manage to run in winter when you lived in Ann Arbor? And what did you wear for that? I have no idea of where to start… And by the way moving can be challenging, but it’s so good to explore the unknown.. It’s kind of cliché but lets do it while we’re young 🙂

    • Well said! Running in Ann Arbor was definitely challenging, but the bright side is that you definitely heat up quickly. The hardest part is the first few minutes. It can actually feel kind of nice thereafter. My advice: layers. I’d even wear a thing pair of old leggings under a thicker one at times. On top, long sleeves + sweatshirt (top layer can be removed). Gloves. Nothing ruins a run like frozen fingers and toes. And (my personal trick) ski socks. They’re not exactly “runner” gear, but I tend to have poor circulation in my feet and prefer to have the added warmth.

      • Thanks! I’ll go buy that all, I really need winter clothes of all kinds including running. And I agree, hands and feet must be warm otherwise we can’t even move. Let’s see, all my classmates say I won’t be able to do it, so now it became a personal challenge haha 🙂

  2. I’m going to say yay on the compression shorts. I’m actually glad you posted about this. I been considering going with compression shorts for my races and wearing short over them. They provide the quads and hammies with great support and help cut down on leg chaffing.

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