And, I’m Out. Achilles Pain Strikes Again.

Picture 4

At this point, my move to Philadelphia is imminent, and in a lot of ways, I feel like I’m simply biding my team here in New York. On top of packing, filling in holes in the walls of my soon-to-be old apartment and sneezing my face off (allergies or am I just stirring up that much dust while packing?) I’ve also been running as much as I physically can in order to soak in every last morsel of that sweet, sweet New York City run.

Picture 5

There are no doubts in my mind, while excited about the future and all Philadelphia has to offer, I will miss New York City running profoundly.

I mean, how can you not with little pockets of perfection like this?

Picture 2

This has happened before, and it’ll more than likely happen again, but here’s the thing about desperation; it often leads us to make stupid decisions. I know how inefficient it is for me, personally, to run every day, mainly because I tend to “injure” (think typical runner injuries like tendinitis and piriformis syndrome — not fractures and breaks) easily. Indeed, we may have been born to run, but not without supplementary movements that strengthen us head to toe. And when I neglect those complementary activities, my body rejects the run.

This time, it’s my achilles. It started over Memorial Day Weekend when my run, while only 3 miles, was hillier than usual.

Picture 3

It continued to ache yesterday afternoon on my walk to lunch and then again, more intensely last night while watching Her with Noah (creepy movie by the way!). He massaged the area along with my calf, since a lot of the time, my achilles issues tend to stem from higher up in my legs like my IT bands or piriformis muscle. It felt nice, but the pain didn’t really let up. And then, I woke up this morning unable to point or flex my foot. Or, more specifically, every time I do, my achilles tendons cracks.

Put me on the injured list, because for at least 24 hours — if not 48 — I am officially out.

With the big move on Monday — less than a week! — followed by a bachelorette party for my best friend in upstate New York and (drumroll please) my 18-day honeymoon in Croatia, I had really wanted to keep up the running, even on these warmer summer days. And I will. But if I’m going to, I know that I need to scale back for a couple of painstaking days first.

So, here it goes.

Do you injure easily when you only run, without other forms of physical exercise to strengthen and lengthen your body? What are your most common running ailments, and what do you do to alleviate them?


One thought on “And, I’m Out. Achilles Pain Strikes Again.

  1. Achilles tendonitis is my weakness! That feeling is the worst (and I tend to agree – I think the problem almost always lies in another part of the leg). I’m wishing you a quick recovery!

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