Where Earth Meets Skyscraper: My 25 Favorite NYC Running Snapshots

With less than a month to go until Noah and I move to Philadelphia, I’ve become especially sentimental with each and every run. I feel like I’m living in one giant countdown; everything I do being, potentially, the “last” one in this city I’ve always known as my home.

As I rounded the lower loop of Central Park today, the sun shining and the ponds glistening, I couldn’t stop myself from momentarily flashing back to some of my favorite moments from over the last five years. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Five years. Five years! I’ve been running almost every morning in this crazy, chaotic city for five whole years.

Anyway, rant done. Instead, let’s embark on a commemorative journey through my 25 favorite snapshots snagged as a New York City runner.

North-bound on the East River. Morning or night, it can’t be beat.

IMG_0467The Central Park Reservoir on a clear afternoon. I mean, I’ll just let this reflective picture speak for itself.

IMG_0577The Queensboro Bridge (aka the 59th Street Bridge, aka Batman) at sunrise — the perfect place to stop, stretch and simply breathe.

IMG_0610The Reservoir at sunrise. Almost as good the same spot at any other time of the day.

IMG_0651South-bound on the East River at the start of spring.

IMG_1200One of the rare times I’ve ever seen Central Park closed. This was just after Hurricane Sandy, when Noah and I ran up to the park to get out of our crazed apartment.

IMG_2530Central Park in full bloom.

IMG_2598Soho streets speak the truth.

IMG_2744The Central Park Reservoir, frosty and frozen.

IMG_3218And the Bridal Path around the reservoir, covered in snow (not a deterrent to plenty of New York City runners).


The south-easternmost pond, where I finish my early morning park runs. Let the thaw begin.

IMG_3376Anywhere, New York City — if you look close enough.

IMG_3462No really, look closer.


Those moments when earth meets skyscraper.


And those moments when earth is just earth again. Just 20 blocks from my apartment at Gramercy Park — the most exclusive of all New York City parks. You need a key to get in, but you don’t need a key to run around the enclosed area.

IMG_4231The Central Park Boathouse. This, I love.

IMG_4359And my favorite spot of any morning run. This is the final hill on the western side of the lower loop of Central Park. It’s not huge, but it signifies that half-way point for me, and it’s incredible to watch the city rise on the near horizon. Summer is the most special time, as the trees form a canopy up above.


The Brooklyn Bridge. Hi, Noah.


And another bridge just to the north. Focus on the buildings below, and you’ll be amazed with what you see.


But always look down. And then up.


Wake up early enough to catch the sun. This is the view from the High Line, just as the city is starting to rise.

IMG_5540Also on the High Line — as you can guess, summer was in full swing.


As always, the seasons change, the flowers fade and the leaves fall. In Manhattan, it’s pretty spectacular. (Mind the non-running sneakers. Desperate times call for desperate measures.)

IMG_5579No really, it’s awesome.

IMG_5869Even when frozen in time once again.



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