Confessions Of A First-Time Juicer

So, I drank a BluePrint juice.

Picture 10

There, I said it. I did exactly what I always promised I’d never do. Actually, there are two things I said I’d never do.

1. I said I’d never spend a boat load of money — more than I would on an entire lunch — on a bottled drink (not including wine — duh).

2. I said I’d never drink something endorsed by the likes of the lithe Gwyneth and the loyal readers of GOOP.

But then, March 5th came — exactly one month until the wedding. And all of a sudden, I started thinking. How can I make sure that, as the wedding day approaches, that I’m the absolute 100% best version of me?

Picture 7

(My friends send funny RSVPs.)

While weight is something that, admittedly, I’ve never really physically struggled with, eating healthy kind of is. Remember: Body types are not always reflective of a type of person or eater. After all, my family owns a candy store. Indulging in sugar has never, for me, truly felt like an indulgence, rather it’s just a part of my day — like eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, or drinking water after a run. If there is candy or chocolate in the room, count me in.

There are a couple of small changes that I’d like to at least try to maintain until the wedding day — to which there is one month minus four days now to go. Yikes!


Juice. Let’s start with the obvious one. To be clear, I am not — and will not — do a juice cleanse. I’m not against them; if you’ve done a cleanse, I certainly don’t in any way judge. They’re simply not for me. Aside from candy and chocolate, my entire diet is basically made up of vegetables and fruits. I love them. The last thing I need is to restrict myself to the liquid version of what I already consume (not to mention without all the healthy fibers that live in the skin and pulp of said ingredients).

I’m hoping that a juice here or there comes in handy in a much more meaningful way — as a form of mindfulness, say. The other morning, I sipped on one prior to eating breakfast to refuel after a run.

Picture 6

Then, I drank the second half of my juice after lunch as a way to avoid things like Cadbury Easter Eggs.

Picture 3

Some days, it works.

Other days, it doesn’t. At all.

Picture 4


To be honest, I thought the lemon, cayenne and agave BluePrint blend was absolutely delicious. I’d definitely drink it again.

Stop picking. My skin is something I’ve always struggled with, ever since I hit puberty and that first pesky pimple popped onto my face. Even worse, I’m a picker. At the first sign of a whitehead, blackhead, purple head for all I care, I’m there, at the mirror, pincher fingers raring to go. I can’t help it. But I’m trying.

Last month, I treated myself to a facial at Mario Badescu spa. Afterward, my skin looked positively radiant. It was everything I’d hoped for and more.

Following that appointment, I scheduled another two facials to keep me honest in the coming months. I went to my second appointment last week, and it was magical. I left and immediately grabbed Noah’s hand and slapped it on my face. He agreed. My skin felt like a baby’s behind.

Picture 5

And of course, I will continue to run, both for its physical and — perhaps more notably — mental benefits. With the warming weather, it hasn’t exactly been hard to get myself out the door. The mornings have been beautiful…

Picture 9

…if not slightly gray and eerie. If it’s above 30 degrees though, awesome.

Picture 8

Spring is almost here, and with it, there will be a lot of excitement. As always, running will carry me through.

Whipping your booty into shape doesn’t always have to refer to a workout. What small changes have you made recently — or do you want to make — to improve your well-being?


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