Running In A Winer Wonderland

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 4.50.29 PM

I am totally, completely, 100% sick of winter. But then again, if it weren’t winter, we wouldn’t get mornings like this one. Beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful. Perfect for running — albeit incredibly slippery. When done right, with caution and patience, it’s one of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor run.

I easily could have stayed tucked beneath the covers this morning. My apartment has been freezing lately, and the mornings are still pretty dark.

But after yesterday’s 3940239th snowstorm in Manhattan, I simply couldn’t help myself. The streets, sidewalks and trees around my apartment, being in midtown, were pretty much cleared before the snow hit the ground. I needed to see proof of Monday’s storm for myself. I wanted to see the blanketed city with my very own two eyes.

The run was worth the frozen toes (despite wearing ski socks), tingling fingers (since when have my gloves stopped working?) and runny nose. It was worth the slow stride and light, suspicious step. And it was certainly worth getting out of bed.

But if spring were to show up tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain either.

What are your thoughts on winter runs? Do you head out in the snow or stay indoors?


4 thoughts on “Running In A Winer Wonderland

  1. This is crazy!! The only time I’ve been to that fountain was in the spring, and everything was green and beautiful. Looks pretty apocalyptic.

    • that’s a big one! in the park, i’m worried of getting splashed by a car…but back on the streets it’s always scary in manhattan.

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