#FridayFive: Eh, I’ve Had Better

When I stepped out this morning — mind you, my first run since Monday, thanks to the atypically cold temperatures — I expected a lot more out of my run.

Maybe it’s because I hadn’t run in four days, and after a period of rest (save for other, complementary workouts) I’m often raring to go.

Or maybe it’s because I did yoga yesterday morning. (Although mainly, that was because my building was doing work on my bathroom, and I needed the studio’s toilet upon waking up more than the stretch and flow itself — if you know what I mean.)

But as it turned out, “good” would not be how I’d describe my run today — and I spent almost every one of those five dreadful miles wondering why that was so. Here’s what I came up with.

  • Despite Central Park’s beauty, my lungs haven’t been as accustomed to the cold air as they typical are, which left me more or less breathless the entire time. I could practically hear myself panting like a dog without water.
  • I missed every light. No explanation needed there, but just another reason why some city runs are less than fun.
  • My shins were bothering me for some reason. I’m wearing the same shoes that have worked for me since the summer, so I’m not sure why that would happen. Maybe they’re beginning to flatten out, or maybe it was the cold air.
  • Because of said shin issue, I could feel and hear myself clomping around on the pavement. Even as I tried to imagine a light touch, I roughly struck the ground with every step. I knew it, and yet I couldn’t stop it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 2.44.06 PM

I will say that there was a bit of salvation once I entered the park. Once inside, I turned off my music and allowed myself to pay closer attention to my body. Without sound, I was able to somewhat temper my breathing, soften my stride. It was by no means a fix-all, but for that mile or so, it made a big difference.

Once back on the streets of the city, I had to turn the tunes back up — even if I knew it’d be at the cost of my run. Some mornings, the sounds of the city overwhelm me to an endless degree, and the only way to drown out the chaos is with music. Today, it was John Legend.

The upside to today’s fail is that the weather is supposed to stay put through the at least the weekend, meaning I have many days and many runs to make up for lost time.   And if nothing else, I at least know that I finished my #FridayFive, which means I’m ready to start the weekend. Bring on the wine.

What other upsides to bad runs can you think of?


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