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I couldn’t help but turn to Melisse, one of the wonderful founders of the NYC online wellness hub Well + Good, after completing my first class at Chelsea’s cool studio Circuit of Change. “I feel like someone dosed me with happy pills when I walked through those doors,” I said. “That was like nothing I’ve ever done before.

I have to admit, had I known what was in store for Wednesday evening’s class beforehand, I may have wimped out. As far as I knew, I was signing up for a typical yoga class at a typical yoga studio on a typical Wednesday night. Of course, this turned out to be far from true. What began as, yes, typical turned into anything but. Circuit of Change was a whirlwind experience of jumping, dancing, yoga flowing, panting, breathing and — perhaps the biggest surprise of all — smiling. And it was atypical from start to finish.

Ask yourselves this: When is the last time you smiled from ear to ear throughout an entire workout?

I’d describe myself as cynical and stoic, and so I personally can’t remember the last time I smiled for that long over anything, save for the birth of my nephews and niece. But this workout was different. It was free and fun. It was full of spirit and life. It invigorated me from head to toe, my body and mind, and left me positively glowing — and even wanting more.

As a runner, I’m accustomed to enjoying my outdoor excursions. And yet, there are good miles and there are bad ones. There are hills I want to crush and those I want to cry over. Very few times do I ever encounter a run where 100% of the time do I feel like I’m floating on clouds. Even at the end of a great race, truth be told, I probably felt like throwing up at some point in between.

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(My first green juice experience! Not as bad as I imagined, but still kind of tastes like hippie blood.)

Wednesday’s class was sponsored by Well + Good and Mio Skincare, and it was an all-out fitness event, including an hour-long Circuit of Change session followed by insight into “the fitness of your skin”…plus juice, good chats, familiar faces and cool t-shirts.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.38.59 AM

(Ignore the fur vest; I don’t recommend working out in it. It’s freezing in NYC and I was getting ready to venture outside into the frigid night air!)

The signature class, called MINDBODY Bootcamp, is pretty much what it sounds like, combining elements of yoga, plyometrics, gymnastics, cardio core work, meditation and, to my contentment, martial arts. You KNOW how much I’ve been loving my kickboxing videos lately, and during this hour-long sweat session, I really felt as though the last few month’s worth of living room workouts were really being put to the test.

The best part of the class though wasn’t the workout, or the drummers (yes, our class was set to drumming — AWESOME), or founder Brian Delmonico — a true ball of energy — himself. Rather, it was the sense of silliness and exhiliration that, simply put, you couldn’t help but feel. It permeated every move and breath. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I tend to enjoy my solitary workouts, the same old song and dance. At Circuit of Change, I transformed into someone else. I was me — but so much better.

Following the class, we had the opportunity to check out some awesome skincare products from the burgeoning brand Mio, known for their dedication to “Fit Skin for Life.”

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(Photo courtesy of @jboer88)

Once geared to mammas and pregnant women with the Mama Mio brand, Mio is now available for the everyday woman. Or, I should say, the everyday woman that loves to work out. My favorite product of the evening had to be their Workout Wonder Muscle Gel, a cream that, after warming between your palms, you apply to the back of your neck. Following a good workout, the tingling sensation that ensues feels OHMYYES amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 11.39.15 AM

I will always have a love-hate relationship with evening workouts. As an AM fitness lover to the core, a workout at night means I’ll likely be breaking a sweat just a few short hours later at the crack of dawn. And of course, that’s exactly what happened. During those moments, all one can do is push through.

To quote Albert Einstein’s message, displayed prominently on the Circuit of Change website, “Nothing happens until something moves.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Have you been to Circuit of Change? Does this sound like a workout you’d try? When’s the last time you smiled from ear to ear during a workout?


5 thoughts on “Circuit Of Change

  1. We loved having you there, and I loved the adventurous spirit you brought to the evening and this post. Who knew this was not your first encounter with Mio Skincare but with green juice and Circuit of Change. This line gave me tingles: “At Circuit of Change, I transformed into someone else. I was me — but so much better.” Go you!

    • Thanks, Melisse! Sometimes all it takes is inspiration to try something new. Last night, I got to check out three new “firsts!” You = amazing.

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