3 Cold Weather Running Essentials

Timber me shivers, New York has practically frozen over night. And it’s not that I’m a wimp in cold weather — I learned to first run while living in Michigan, after all. But no matter who you are, where you’re from, or how badass think you might be, running in sub-freezing temperatures sucks. And being able to doing it, for some, can prove how tough you are.

Not that I have anything to prove.

Anywho, without these three items, I’d have legitimately cried on this morning’s run. I hope they help you get out there on these cold winter mornings too.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.37.36 PM

(If you could see temperature, you’d know it was FREEZING.)

Nike Lightweight Gloves (see)

These gloves may be lightweight, but they are extremely resistant to wind. I’ll be honest — my fingers were slightly numb this morning when I first set out, but it’s important to keep in mind that your body temperature will rise. By about the half-way point, they were totally toasty. I also appreciate that they are compatible with iPhones so that it’s easy to answer the phone, change the music or take a picture, and they’re available in x-small, which is a must for my little fingers.


180s Ear-warmers (see)

I’ve been wearing these to run for years (though mine are pink and have crystals — a non-negotiable for a glittery runner like myself). The 180s are great.

Not only do they stay put, but they also come fully equipped with little earbud pockets for your music which, if you’ve ever tried wearing a hat and headphones…


…you know is huge. Also, they’re incredibly warm.

Underarmour Fitted Crew (see)

I’m a big believer in layers for winter runs, but if you like to keep it light, this shirt is amazing. With a thick sweatshirt, it’s perfect for super cold mornings like today. Alone, it’ll get you through moderately cold runs — think low to high 30s.


(Here I am foam rolling, but I’m also wearing the shirt. Indoors. Which defeats the purpose.)

On a totally unrelated note, I entered the lottery for the New York City Half Marathon about a month ago, and I’ve been shaking in my sneakers ever since. If I’m not accepted, I’ll need to figure out a plan b for operation-look-ripped-in-my-wedding-dress. (Don’t judge.). If I am accepted, I’ll need to figure out how the hell I’m gonna train without 1) getting injured or 2) becoming hypothermic. No promises on either.

Did YOU sign up for the New York City Half? What are your sentiments?

How do you gear up for cold winter runs? Do you have any go-to, can’t-live-or-run-without items?

*Disclaimer: I was not prompted by any of these brands to feature their products. I just like warm things.


2 thoughts on “3 Cold Weather Running Essentials

  1. I live in San Diego and to me freezing is anything below 50 BUT I do still bundle for my “cold” runs using a running beanie, gloves with touch screen finger tips and usually a wind proof jacket ! And of course running tights! Good luck getting into NY half! And PS no judgments on getting ripped for wedding- it’s a must! 😉

  2. Layers! Layers! Layers! And a warm place to change quickly after. I was a Pacific Northwest girl, so this will be my first NYC winter running season. I’m very curious how it goes and worries I’ll end up on a treadmill. I put in for ny half. And I’m running Fred lebow in January. Brrr

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