Running In A Winter Wonderland

About midway through my run this morning (five miles — the usual), it started to snow. My first thought — ugh, the weatherman said I’d be in the clear until 9. But once I got past the cold flecks of wet flakes on my face and focused on the sheer beauty of everything going on around me, I settled into a nice, easy pace (when does that ever happen to me?) and floated on home.

Of course, the Rockefeller holiday lights didn’t hurt. Nothing like an iconic sighting on a snowy Tuesday morning.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 4.37.37 PMWhat’s your favorite part about holiday running? Are you a holiday racer, or do you prefer to float through the snow without a care (or Garmin) in the world?


One thought on “Running In A Winter Wonderland

  1. aw I love running in the snow 🙂 if i could figure a way to keep it out of my face while keeping my head warm (but not too warm) it would be golden. I bet its so beautiful running in NYC this time of year. happy holidays!

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