Girl Crush: Apparently, I Love Jillian Michaels and Kickboxing

After three freaking awesome mornings outdoors running (including a town-to-town run from my parents’ house to my brother’s as well as two lovely morning runs with my cousin around Central Park), I crashed. The past two mornings have been impossible to get out of bed in the dark, especially as the mornings have become increasingly cool. Noah and I typically sleep with the window open a crack (because my love of fresh air trumps my hate of city noise), and it’s made it more than just a bit tempting to press snooze and and drift back off to bed.


Anyway, every morning that I don’t run, I wind up contemplating how I’m going to break a sweat by the time I get out of bed. And there are always three options:

1. Go for an abridged, 20-30 minute run. Because even 2 miles or so is a lot better than none.

2. Pack a bag and resolve to go to yoga in the evening. But that typically doesn’t happen, because I spend all day convincing myself that it’s fine to “rest.”

3. Squeeze in 20-30 minutes of YouTube sweat from my living room floor.
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 5.06.09 PM

Jillian Michaels has been my savior this week on the mornings that I’ve chosen not to run — particularly her 25-minute kickboxing workout. I did it two consecutive mornings in a row now, and I absolutely can’t get enough. A few of the elements that make it so awesome:

Quick reps. Whether you’re punching, jabbing or kicking at absolutely nothing in the air (I have no doubts that my neighbors across the way think I’m a total psychopath), Jillian keeps you moving — and fast. The longest amount of time you’ll spend doing, well, anything, is 30 seconds.

Reasonable waves. There’s only two waves of movements, and each is repeated twice. What that means is that there is little room for boredom — and even less room for backing out of the fun.

She’s not annoying. And I can’t say that about most video instructors. I have to say though that I really like Jillian. She’s motivating when you need it, but she also doesn’t talk just for the sake of talking. There’s purpose behind her words.

Anyway, that’s enough for today about my love of Jillian Michaels and my newfound obsession with kickboxing. Maybe one day, when I get a billion dollar paying job and I’m not putting all of that money toward New York City rent, I’ll sign up for a real kickboxing class. You know, one where my couch isn’t four feet behind me and my fiancé isn’t literally sleeping behind the wall in front of me.

Until then, though, Jillian and my other beloved YouTube videos will do. If you’re on the market for a quick, snappy workout that gets you sweating in no time, I definitely recommend it.

What are your thoughts on kickboxing? Have you ever tried it? Would love some recommendations on great videos I can do at home.


2 thoughts on “Girl Crush: Apparently, I Love Jillian Michaels and Kickboxing

  1. I love stalking youtube for workout videos and frequently do this for yoga routines when I have overextended myself with running too 🙂 I will have to check out this particular one because as crazy as Jillian can be, I also love her dearly for her hardcore-ness (or however the correct way is to say this!)

  2. Hi! I´m a girl from Sweden that may suffer from b-vitamine deficit. I wonder if you could tell me more about the symptoms that you had when you got B12 deficit? I have had very strange injurys for 2,5 years now and nobody can find whats wrong. Before these “injurys” I was an toprunner in Sweden.

    Best regards!

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