My Big Cooking Adventure with Kale

I’d never cooked kale before Sunday night, and being the healthy foodie that I am, the very thought of that sounded preposterous, even in my head.

I picked up a bushel of kale (is it even called a bushel?) while perusing the streets of Williamsburg this weekend. And as I stood near the produce, shoving the oversized leaves into the too-small plastic bag, I already had a few ideas in mind for how to cook it up.

In my home, Sunday nights are for simple flavors in an effort to counteract all of the rogue ingredients — the salt, the tequila — of the weekend. The lighter, the better. The greener, the greater.

Along with a salad of fresh mozzarella, tomato, cucumber and spinach, here’s what I cooked up with the few items in my cabinet and fridge.

What I Used



Purple Kale

Chopped dried fruit (sifted from a leftover bag of trail mix)


White wine

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



How I Made It

1. Chop up half of a large shallot and two garlic cloves. Heat up a skillet, and saute both in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on medium – low heat.

Picture 1

2. While the shallots and garlic brown, chop up your kale, making sure to clean the leaves first. Then, chop finely.

Picture 2

3. Once all of the liquid evaporates in the pan, turn up the heat and toss in a small amount (like, say, an espresso cup’s worth) of white wine (boxed, preferably; keep it classy).

Picture 3

4. Once all the wine cooks out, take a sip of your own glass of vino. Then, proceed (with caution, of course), adding your chopped kale to the pan. To this, drizzle with olive oil and toss in chopped walnuts and dried fruit. Salt and pepper to taste.

Picture 5

5. Top off your bowl of sauteed kale with a handful (or three) of parmesan.

Picture 4

Voila! The perfect quick and easy side dish, and delicious fuel for your morning run. Now, just be sure to keep your heads up — lest you run into a sign like this.

Picture 6

Tomorrow, I’m adding the leftover kale I have sitting in my fridge to whole wheat cork screw pasta in an attempt to turn one purchase into two meals. What is YOUR favorite way to use kale? 


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