Running the Manhattan Bridge & a Janji Giveaway Winner

So I realized something wild today. I’ve officially written 300 posts, and boy what a fun ride it’s been. All glitter, all the time. Plus, a few okay runs.


Technically, this is post No. 301, and really, it comes at an appropriate time. Yesterday, I celebrated something else kind of fun. Earlier this summer, I resolved to run over all three of the bridges that span from Manhattan to Brooklyn so that I could officially say I’ve run all of the East River bridges (the Queensboro, which goes from midtown to Long Island City, is easy for me to tackle on any given morning). Not that it was the wildest of dreams, but I can nevertheless proclaim that I’ve accomplished this very doable goal. Hurray for setting and reaching attainable feats.


(My cousin looking GREAT on the way over the Manhattan Bridge.)

I have to say, this was a pretty awesome weekend, and I really didn’t get all that much done. It started on Friday, when I had the day off from work. Instead of sitting beneath fluorescent lights toiling away, I had brunch with an old co-worker, hung with my nephews and niece…




(Noah worked from home. He had a very good assistant.)

…and topped off the day with a sunset glass of wine and a big fish cookout at my brother’s house. I suppose being an adult sometimes has its perks.

The best was yet to come though. On Friday, Noah and I passed out around 11:30 and didn’t wake up until past 9. Yep, folks, that’s more than 9 hours of blissful, much-needed sleep. And it didn’t stop there.

Saturday’s plan was to spend the day hanging with a friend at Atlantic Beach. Before, we decided to squeeze in a suburban weekend run — albeit a very slow excursion because Noah has recently been dealing with a bout of plantar fasciitis. Not cool at all.

Because of this limitation, the plan was to log between 3 and 4 miles, nothing too crazy, nothing too fast. To be honest, I was totally fine with that. During the previous week, I had run a substantial amount:

Monday: 5 miles around Central Park


Tuesday: 5 miles around Central Park


Wednesday: 1 mile run to my favorite specialty supermarket in Union Square and a 1 mile walk home

Thursday: 5 miles on the High Line

Friday: 5 miles around Central Park


So, like I said, 4 miles on Saturday was more than enough in my book, and from start to finish, I was grateful to be running with the quiet summer air around me, the sound of cicadas faint in the distance.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach getting my tan on followed by dinner to celebrate my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary (holy moly!) and drinks with my best friend in the world.

That brings us to Sunday, after another solid nice of sleep (though perhaps a bit too much tequila the night before). In truth, I wasn’t all that set on running or not. Sunday was one of those days when I felt like I could take it or leave it, enjoy a nice “rest” day of nothing or accomplish something inherently good.

An opportunity arose when the same friend I shared delicious tequila grapefruit drinks with the night before texted that she’d be heading to DUMBO to check out Smorgasburg — a weekly food-fest located, on Sundays, beneath the Manhattan Bridge. This just happened to be the only bridge I’d yet to run since first setting my summer goal.

Recruitment was easy for this one. Running? Check. Artisanal food by local chefs? Check. Noah jumped on board quickly, and then my cousin did the same. In no time, we had a crew, and we were heading down south.


Sunday’s weather was surprisingly perfect despite the clouds. For the majority of the run, there was a light drizzle which, after weeks of steamy, humid mornings, was actually a relief.

The total distance from my apartment, where my cousin met us, to the Manhattan Bridge and over was roughly 5 miles. Thanks to the rain, the East Side was relatively quiet — just a few other runners and the occasional fisherman lined the way.

As for the Manhattan Bridge, I actually found this to be one of the easiest bridges I’ve run so far, and I felt strong the entire way (something I haven’t been able to say all that often as of late). I loved the urban surroundings…


…and was pretty darn thankful that the incline was relatively flat. The most challenging so far has been the Queensboro Bridge by a long shot; the Williamsburg Bridge presents a steady and steep incline as well. And of course, the Brooklyn Bridge offers obstacles of its own: heavy foot traffic from tourists.


Once over the bridge, we brought it back to “cool down” mode and walked the final half-mile to Water Street, which is where Smorgasburg is held on Sundays. I wasn’t all that hungry thanks to a weekend filled with food, but managed to choose a few delicious bites wisely to share with my cousin. Among them were a few awesome veggie summer rolls from a little Thai-inspired vendor. We opted for asparagus and portobello. My friend chose these tasty Bombay bites.


On that mouthwatering note, I might as well give something back to all of you: a winner — of the Janji water bottle giveaway! Congratulations to Reading Runner Girl. Hoping this swag helps to keep your summer sweat a bay, and if not, it sounds like you have a solid backup plan from your tip on how to beat the heat. I’ll be contacting you shortly!

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 9.58.48 AM

Here’s to another month of summer runs. Fall isn’t far away.


3 thoughts on “Running the Manhattan Bridge & a Janji Giveaway Winner

  1. Awesome! I clicked on your post because I wanted to see your NYC running pics and then saw my twitter pic! Needless to say, this was a great surprise! Very jealous of all your cool city running spots. I’ve seen pictures of the High Line gardens and it’s gorgeous.

    • Awesome! So excited! Email me your details (address, etc) and I’ll let the gang over at Janji know 🙂 Thanks for entering!!

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