Southampton Running, Living, Loving

First off, let me start by saying how lucky I am to live in New York City.


Now, back to things like stress and exhaustion. Just another day as a New Yorker.

As I set off on my usual Monday morning run, I couldn’t help but cringe as a feeling of slight depression swept over me. For one, it was 75 degrees and not yet 7:30 in the morning. Only 10 minutes in to what would ultimately be just a 30-40 minute run, and I was drenched, totally regretting my decision to wear a heather gray shirt. Such fabrics do not mask the mark of a sweaty runner well.

And then there was the fact that I was exhausted from head to toe following a weekend of moderate running, more-than-moderate drinking, and heavy, hard-core dancing.

This is what a weekend in the Hamptons can do to a girl. I give you exhibit A.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.51.42 PM

Still, part of me was shocked at my ability to keep my wits about me this weekend. Sometimes, I feel like the summer is just an extension of college, and forget how much my tolerance has (thankfully) gone down. And then I overdo it. This time, that wasn’t the case. Not really, at least.

The trip out East was relatively easy, and I even managed to swap the boys’ preference of Chipotle for parking lot sushi. Trust me, it’s a lot better than it sounds.


(Sushi on the hood of a car. What a dream.)

At any rate, after getting the house ready for our friends to arrive the following day, the small crew I was with opened a few bottles of wine and passed out at the ripe out of 1:30. Later than usual, but not all that horrible considering the circumstances.

On Friday morning, I woke up feeling relatively fine. Immediately, I felt as though I had been transported from the ball of stress I left back in the city. With enough energy to to run, I gathered the troops — also known as Noah and a girlfriend of mine — and set off into the muggy East End air for a steady 3.5 to 4 mile adventure.

We had no specific agenda when we left the house on Friday morning except that we wanted to make our way toward the water. I always try to make my way to the water. To ensure we actually got there, I handed Noah the map on my phone. Not that I’m incapable of following directions, but we’re just more likely not to wander down the wrong road at his instruction.

Not long after leaving the house, we arrived at our destination — perhaps too soon. It was beautiful and hazy and far too warm, but the calm of the bay offered the perfect reprieve from another tiring week, and I was eternally grateful to be standing right there, on the beach, atop that shell-covered sand. It’s amazing how running can transport you to places where time and life just slow down, even just for a moment.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.53.02 PM

After our first foray on the beach, we decided that we hadn’t gone quite far enough to run off the gallon of Smartfood popcorn we’d devoured the night before, and so we continued to follow the shoreline around another small outlet, this one which let out just around the bend from the beach we had previously discovered. Two beaches. One day. Now, we were ready to return home.


The best part about running in Southampton wasn’t the quiet streets with very few cars or the fact that the residents say hello each time they pass, which if you haven’t been there, they do. It’s that the house we had rented for the weekend came lock stock and loaded with a pool and hot tub, not to mention the bloody mary mix and tequila we had picked up the night before. Welcome home, indeed.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.52.16 PM

It wasn’t particularly sunny on Friday, but we managed to catch a nice tan before the rest of the guests arrived. What followed was not enough to put me out of commission, but certainly enough to convince me not to run on Saturday morning. Instead, I’d get my workout during a group relay race…

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 5.07.21 PM

…beach volleyball…


…and, of course, dance partying my face off. Really, there is no better way to get your workout on than by being a total fool.

While finding healthy eats during a weekend away, and in a house with 15 people no less, can be difficult at best, I managed to make a few nutritious choices over the course of the getaway — especially during the BBQ’s. For those of you heading out for the weekend, it’s not as hard as you think. Just come prepared. Bring portabellas that you can toss on the grill as the rest of the guests cook up burgers. Offer to make a salad. You’d be surprised how many people actually enjoy the greener options once they’re made available.


(My portabella burger with cheese was amazing, especially when paired with a bit of parmesan and spinach salad. I think I could have eaten ten.)

Come Sunday, it was time to head out for another run, if only to counteract whatevertheheckhappened the day before. This time, it was just Noah and I, and I left my camera and phone at home to instead enjoy the tranquility of my surroundings before heading back home.

So yea, all that and more made it difficult to get my bearings on Monday morning as I plugged my way up 1st avenue to the Queensboro Bridge and back home. It was a weak attempt at adding a bit of sunshine to an otherwise cloudy morning; I had thought that if I could make it to the water to soak in the East River views that maybe I could capture a little part of that satisfaction from the days before. Instead, it made me want to buy a hot tub. Which would be really inconvenient in my New York City home.


Fortunately, Noah and I leave for Colorado (!!!) this week (did I say, !), where we’re spending three days in Vail and two days in Estes Park hiking, biking and basically anything else that breaks a sweat and ends in “ing.” I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of five full days of outdoor fun.


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