In The Moment: A Love Story on Running & Everything Else

When one holds the title “blogger,” almost inherently, your life becomes an open book (or, in this case, browser) for the whole world to read. And in a lot of ways, I am an open book. You, my readers, know a lot of things about me that even my closest friends may not know. When writing — or typing — it’s just so much easier to express things about yourself that you otherwise would struggle with over coffee, in public, face to face, with someone you personally know.

Like what? Well, for one, I don’t go around boasting about a former bout of depression, one that initially helped to ignite my passion for running. I don’t talk about my the topics of conversations that echoed within the walls of my former therapist’s office or the journey back to light. I don’t go in-depth about stress or anxiety or loss. There’s a time and place for everything, and sometimes, you just have to be the judge.

Of course, running is an incredible outlet for all these things and more — a vortex in which I’m able to throw all of these negatives away. And because this is a space that’s primarily about a love of running, those downers can sometimes seem out of place. After all, following a run, I often come here to recount what I’ve felt, learned and discovered. Typically, it’s not all that negative. Typically, I feel like a million bucks — even after the worst of the worst of the worst of runs. I mean, really, what’s not to love about this.


I think a lot of people can relate, whether you attribute it to a “runner’s high” or the sheer fact that you know you’re doing something good — no, amazing — for yourself. It’s why we keep going, isn’t it? Why we keep signing up for more races, waking up to another early morning alarm. Some call us crazy; but we all know that this is about as sane as sanity can get.

One of the reasons why I’ve grown to love my morning runs, no matter how short or long, slow or speedy they may be, is that those little adventures along the streets of Manhattan allow me to be in the moment. In a lot of ways, that’s kind of the overall mentality I’ve tried to adopt as I’ve waded through the muddy parts of life.

As with running, there are a lot of elements you just can’t plan for in the everyday circus called life. In running, there’s weather, muscle soreness, boredom, twinges of ugh-oh-what-was-that pain. In life, well, there’s all of these things too, just to different degrees. If you can focus on the moment, it’s a lot easier to endure.

Whether running, reading a book, or simply staring out your window to the world outside, there’s so much to be grateful for at any moment. And since I rarely take the time to share what I am grateful for with you, I think now would be an appropriate time. So here it goes.

Healthy, strong greens.

It’s probably a strange thing to say that you’re grateful to be (mostly) vegetarian, but in truth, I am. The other morning offered the ultimate proof, when I cooked up amazing Canadian bacon (actually from Canada, you guys) for Noah’s breakfast and wasn’t even remotely tempted to take a bite. Since adopting a (mostly) vegetarian lifestyle about four years ago now (wow, time seriously flies), I’ve felt more energetic, more vibrant. Plus, maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle is so much fun. Just go to your local farmers’ market with an open mind and mouth, and you’ll be amazed to find a host of crunchy, fresh ingredients you’ve been missing out on all along.


(Lots of vegetarian meals here — plus a few fish-friendly ones too.)

Good friends. No, great friends.

The one thing my close friends know about me is that I’m kind of a picky person. I’m not the person with a thousand friends, but of my friends, each one is incredibly close and important to me, keeping my schedule busy night and day. Even if they don’t run, some of my friends even like to paint and drink wine. And that’s totally cool by me.




This is obviously filtered.

An awesome wedding party.

At least, I hope it’s awesome. I was never the type of girl who dreamed of her wedding day; there are plenty of those kinds out there, and I doubt the world needs another. While part of me was really tempted (is really tempted) to just go to City Hall and call it a day, the other part also wants to celebrate this really exciting time with family and friends, and what better way to do that than in a bar with lots of booze, good food, and probably a bunch of hipsters.

Family. Family. Family.

Growing up, my entire family lived no further than a car ride away. I thought that’s how all families did it. I figured, why would anyone move further than where a cup-and-string would suffice as a form of communication? I think that’s one of the hard parts about growing up — knowing that not only will your friends inevitably begin to scatter but that your family might not be an arm’s length away too. For now, I live a short train-ride away from my brothers, my parents, my cousins, my grandparents, my nephews and niece. I know it might not be that way forever, but in this moment, I’m grateful it is.

stacy 7

The best.

Wine on trains.

Because really, is there any better way to travel than red wine out of a plastic cup while watching old Roman Polanski movies?

Stacy 3

The High Line. Central Park. The East River.

Guys, not to toot my own horn here, but I’ve been doing an amazing job of adding variety to my morning runs. This week alone, I spent Monday in Central Park, Tuesday in the yoga studio, Wednesday on The High Line, and Thursday on the East River.


All I can say is, who am I and what have I done with Stacy?


All of a sudden, a fitness routine that had become monotonous and blah has turned kind of fun again. Topping it off, I’m spending the weekend (beginning today) in Washington D.C. with Noah’s friends and family (his, unfortunately, are not an arm’s length away), where I woke up to this…


…and will be soon be off to run along the canal. In this moment, life is beautiful.

Summer Fridays.

No explanation needed.

Weekend excursions. 

Thanks to said Summer Fridays, Noah and I booked a few pretty great trips to look forward to throughout July. In addition to a three-day weekend in D.C., next weekend, we’re heading to The Hamptons, and the following weekend, Noah and I are flying to Colorado so I can cross off another one on my list of U.S. states to visit. And visit a brewery or 10.


All of them but the yellows and greens (if the greens are lime, not apple).


Consider yourselves warned.

Tell me, what are you grateful for in this moment? What’s making you smile right now?


5 thoughts on “In The Moment: A Love Story on Running & Everything Else

  1. Running is such a release for me as well. I’m jealous of all the beautiful scenery you have! I have SO many hills where I live (my city is named Rolling Hills haha) which does take a bit away from my runs since I prefer more flat terrain.

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