A Nice Break From the Sunshine

54 degrees, overcast and Friday. Really, I can’t think of any other better combination of reasons to run.

I was beyond excited when I woke up on Friday morning to the sound of silence. The rain from the right before — the pouring, pounding remnants of the derecho — had for the most part stopped. The wind had stopped too, at least, that’s what it looked like from the motionless Christmas lights on the rooftop bar across the street. My weather forecasting skills are highly technical.

Anyway, where was I. Oh right. Running. Friday, the best day of the week to run on account of the drinks that usually follow after work.

It’s been a while since I’ve run in anything besides shorts and a tank top, but the 54-degree temperature called for leggings and a light sweatshirt. Very strange for June, but after so many mornings of walking back into my apartment drenched and soaked through, I was definitely appreciative of this change of weather. As long as it doesn’t lead to the flu or a summer cold, I’d take it any day.



The run up to Central Park, around the lower loop and back home, was misty and calm. Having spent Thursday night on my couch drinking wine and watching LA Confidential, I was tired and slow, but totally fine with all of the above. By the time I got to Central Park, the tunes were blaring and the streets were beginning to dry. It was beautiful in the eeriest sense of the word, and I did my best to simply soak it all in. Some mornings, it’s difficult not to be grateful for your surroundings. Friday was one of those runs.

Do you prefer sunshine and heat, or misty post-rain runs?


8 thoughts on “A Nice Break From the Sunshine

  1. What is your motivation for early morning runs? I have an office job that starts at 8am every morning. I would love to be able to get in a good run before work but can never get myself motivated enough to get up that early. What’s the trick?

    • Honestly – habit! The first time you run or workout in the morning, it might suck. But you feel SO good afterward. Then you might try doing it twice a week, knowing how good you’ll feel and how much better it is to plop on the couch after work. Then all of a sudden, you’re working out in the AM every day! Oh, and put your alarm clock (phone I’m assuming?) across the room, that way you have to get up to shut it off.

    • It is! Crazy, right? Something about the morning was just more beautiful than most. And I agree — there’s something satisfying about layer during summer. Especially in NYC, it’s like being transported up north.

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