Forget it Friday: Or That Time I Sat on the Couch

This week, I allowed myself to for once succumb to excuses and used it as an opportunity to give my body a rest in a much-needed way. As with exercise, even rest in my eyes is taken in moderation; two days off in a single week is a rarity in my life, mainly because I don’t always see working out as a way to stay fit (although of course it certainly is), but rather as a way to exercise my mind. Without it, I’m pretty sure I’d be a raging lunatic, and I’d be much more apt to allowing myself to freak out over the little things throughout the day.

Like I said, I often give myself one full rest day (no, not a day to do yoga; literally one no-movement rest day) per week, but two is practically unheard of — unless I’m battling the flu, and even then, I’m usually thinking about my next run.

Fortunately, I’d be able to make up for my lack of sweat around happy hour on Thursday, fully exercising my right to pig out.


It’s funny, because I’m not a big ice cream person nor do I long for cookies. Candy? Yes. I very much heart candy. But with all the salad and greens and nuts and pumpkin seeds in my life, I figure that a bunch of Jelly Belly’s and Sour Patch Kids can’t do all that much harm.

On Thursday, I met my match, and it came in the form of a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich party in the lobby of my office. After a particularly tough day (yes, another one) at work, I literally couldn’t reject the idea of a snickerdoodle and coffee Oreo ice cream sandwich no matter how hard I tried and no matter how much the ice cream would hurt my stomach. Let’s be honest though, I didn’t try to say no all that hard.

The beginning of my week was filled with a couple of really nice morning runs. Each day, my body felt more tired than the last, but the weather has been absolutely perfect — crisp, cool, not at all muggy as New York City summers tend to be — and so despite achy legs and a slow stride, I very much enjoyed each one.


On Wednesday, to change up my routine as I’ve promised you all — and myself — that I would, I drew from my arsenal of Manhattan running routes and decided to hit up the High Line. Again, my body was tired. But, again, who can resist urban views like this?


I couldn’t help but think while plugging along the High Line pathway how excited I was for Thursday though. Since last month, when I went to my first yoga class at the Murray Hill studio Mang’Oh, I’d been excited to return to Angelina’s 7AM flow — a restorative yet challenging sequence meant to bring awareness, strength and calm.

This week, in an effort to continue adding variety to my mornings, I planned early on to wake up in time to go and was immediately glad I did upon rolling out my mat and listening to her sweet, instructive voice. I swear, her ability to help you stretttchhhhhhhhhh makes her the best alarm clock on Earth.


And then on Friday, I woke up to this.


Those of you who are frequent WRFG readers know that Friday is my all-time favorite day to run. It’s the omgperfect way to start the weekend and a lovely way to give yourself every excuse needed to drink and eat your life away after work.

Even back in the day when I loved running in the rain (last year while training, I adopted the “gotta be prepared for anything” race day mentality; this year, I’m all, let’s go back to sleep!) I probably wouldn’t have gone out in this. It wasn’t just drizzling or gray; it was the type of rain you probably get sick from if you’re crazy enough to break a sweat in it. For those of you who did — or do — I’m not at all judging. You are beasts in the best sense of the word.

As for me, well, you could have found me on the couch this morning during that precious hour before work. On the one hand, it gave me the true chance to rest my aching toe (tendinitis? stress fracture? It’s so hard to care because IT’S JUST A TOE). On the other hand, maybe this extra day of rest and relaxation will motivate me to squeeze a long run into my weekend. It’s been so long since I’ve “run long,” and by that I mean more than 5 miles, which is the most I’ve logged since recovering from my most recent shin overuse injury.

6 would make me happy. 7 Would make me smile big. But, as always, we’ll see what the future holds.

Have a wonderful weekend, ya’ll! May it be filled with sunshine, ice cream sandwiches, and cracked eggs over tomato saucy pasta.



2 thoughts on “Forget it Friday: Or That Time I Sat on the Couch

  1. Hey there ! hope you enjoyed your day off ! The cookie was so big I thought at first it was a… sandwich ! Oooops !

  2. That ice cream sandwich sounds incredible and has all my fave goodies. Love snickerdoodles! Sorry your toe still hurts. Been icing it at all? Hopefully we will get some good weather at some point this weekend!

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