Plant-A-Tree: Odwalla Goodness Giveaway

Fair warning here peoples; this will be the last entry you see until next week. Fortunately, I’ll be leaving you with the chance to win an awesome prize package with food and shades (details on how to enter at the bottom)So you can’t be mad.

As you know, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to boost my running ego.

I know I am a runner. That was never the question. The answer that I’m searching for is how can I learn to love all aspects of running again?

On Monday, I woke up with a certain sense of excitement about lacing up and running that I’ve been missing out on as of late. The easy choice would have been to head uptown to Central Park and complete my daily morning lap around the lower loop of this midtown oasis. Yet over the last few months I’ve found the monotony of this course to bring frustration and boredom. So instead, I shook up my routine. All that before 7AM on a Monday.

To the west side!

1Monday morning’s run consisted of a somewhat basic circle from my apartment to the southern entrance of the High Line, back up and east through MSG (that’s Madison Square Garden for you non-New York folk) madness to my humble abode. While only May, the air was already beyond thick, gross and humid, but the run itself proved far better than the conditions in which it took place.

rainMonday’s adventure over to the west side was a great first step in recallibrating my sentiments. I even took a mid-run break here, at these stairs…

stairs…to do lunges and a few forearm planks…

plank…before picking my sweaty-self up again…

selfie…and running back up toward my apartment.

standard(No, I do not live in the Standard Hotel; it just towers over the High Line.) But if you want to buy me a night there, donations are welcome!)

However, part of the exercise I outlined last week — part of reaching the overall goal I set forth for Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign — will be to look beyond the act of running alone.

It’s one thing to go for a run. Being “a runner,” on the other hand, often requires that we pay attention to many other aspects of healthy living that complement our ultimate objective. And to be clear, this has to go beyond the food we put in our bodies (though this is a big part of the equation too).


(Monday’s lunch salad with homemade, mayo-free coleslaw.)

It’s for that reason that I was intrigued by Odwalla’s Plant-A-Tree campaign. I know I have the discipline to exercise almost daily and the knowledge to fill my plate with nutritious greens and grains, however I’m far less involved in the healthy living community that surrounds me. And let’s get one thing straight. Here in New York City — here in this amazing space on the Web — the sense of community abounds. To feel as though this part of my life is whole again, I need to look at the big picture. I need to get involved.

Picture 1

I’m a huge fan of Odwalla products to begin with, so I was stoked to be given the opportunity to team with the brand. How? Well, the company is partnering with The Nature Conservancy’s All Hands on Earth initiative in an effort to plant up to 100,000 trees this year alone. Nature — being able to frolic in the park every morning — is why I’m able to find calm throughout the rest of the day and beyond. So, naturally, I was pumped to learn that, since 2008, Odwalla has donated more than half-Picture 2a-million dollars worth of trees through their Plant-A-Tree campaign to help out our mother earth.

Feats such as these tend to put things in perspective, don’t they? All of a sudden, logging 20 miles a week doesn’t seem so hard. Stop complaining, Stacy.

Anyway, here’s how you can get involved. Now through the end of May, Odwalla will fund the planting of a tree for each person who registers for a chance to win a $10,000 gift card and a year’s worth of Odwalla goodness. They’re literally rewarding you for trying to win a grand prize. Not so hard, right?

That said, since chances are most of us sitting right here and reading this won’t actually be selected as the winner of this hefty grand prize (hey, I’m a realist! that doesn’t mean I don’t wish you all the best of luck), Odwalla is also offering Will Run For Glitter fans the opportunity to win a nifty gift package right here, right now. The whole shebang is worth $55, and contains Odwalla goodies galore — like bars, coupons for drinks, and even sunglasses and a tote.

Interested? Mouth watering? Itching to win? Entering this Odwalla giveaway is easy. Simply leave a comment below with your favorite smoothie ingredientsMine are obviously strawberry, banana and spinach. I’ll draw a winner when I return from Hilton Head (!!) when I return from my little escape on Thursday of next week, feeling — I hope — refreshed, renewed and ready for a lovely urban run, that is, after a week of beach excursions.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • What are your favorite smoothie ingredients? 

33 thoughts on “Plant-A-Tree: Odwalla Goodness Giveaway

  1. Hi Stacy! I love reading your blog! I became a runner this year (new years resolution?) and still feel weird considering myself a runner even after completing two half marathons already!
    Anyways I love Odwalla products as well! My favorite smoothies are banana strawberry or mango (I like to keep it simple).
    Have fun in Hilton Head!

  2. My favorite smoothie ingredients are spinach and banana!
    From there, I like to mix it up: more fruits, or peanut butter, or peanut butter and chocolate…

  3. HI! My favorite smoothie ingredients are banana, blueberries, almond butter, coconut oil, frozen kale and chia seeds with some almond or flax milk. Thanks!

  4. My favorites are strawberries and bananas. Occasionally, I’ll swap the strawberries for peanut butter. If I’m feeling really wild, I’ll put some hazel nuts in, too. 🙂

  5. I LOVE the High Line – go there every time I visit my grandparents in the city. What a beautiful place for a run, especially since the weather is beautiful!

    Favorite smoothie ingredients: spinach, berries, carrots, ginger, local honey

  6. Right now my favorite smoothie is frozen blueberries, spinach, almond milk, chia seeds, vanilla protein powder and a gob of almond butter- powers me through loooonnnggg mornings til lunch!

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