Weekend Recap: Cloudy with a Chance of Lazy

Every year since I turned 3, I’ve spent the third weekend in May upstate New York fishing with my dad and brothers. It’s a beautiful, easy escape from the city, which has made me appreciate it even more in recent years. Last year, I even incorporated a couple of trail runs into the trip.


But after spending several weekends on the road over the past few months, from Philly to D.C. to my parent’s house out on the Island, I decided I needed a solid break from travel, especially with a long weekend away coming up. And so this weekend, Noah and I stayed put.

There were a number of incredible events going on all around us in New York City this weekend — the AIDS walk and Brooklyn Half Marathon included. I’m sure many of you are already writing about and recapping your amazing stories of PRs and finish lines and post-workout brunches, and I can’t wait to read every single one.

For us, this was a very low-key weekend, but of course, we managed to run. After dining out at an awesome restaurant on the Lower East Side on Friday night — Mission Chinese — we continued the evening in the West Village, sharing drinks with friends, before heading home around midnight or 1.

On Saturday, we slept in until — wait for it — 9:30am. After lazing around the apartment eating Cheerios and picking up after the messy, weekday version of ourselves, Noah and I went out for a 4-5 mile run along the East River heading north.


I should mention here that I ran in purple compression shorts that I nabbed last year for $4.50 at the Paragon Warehouse sale. They were incredibly obnoxious and amazing all at once.


(So, this happened.)

While overcast, the temperature was actually pretty perfect outside, and it was nice to choose a route that differed from our usual downtown routine.IMG_4192

Noah and I met my cousin at the 59th street dog park beneath the Queensboro Bridge. Some of the run took us along 1st Avenue, and the rest took place along the water; we ran on the promenade that lines Carl Schurz park, and when we got to the end, we turned around and made our way back home.IMG_4191

While this weekend definitely had it’s moments of pure debauchery (my old roomie had a house party, in addition to another super late night out), I certainly tried to stay conscious of infusing my days with healthful tidbits here and there.

Among the top 5:

1. After our run on Saturday, we chose to pick up fresh apricots from the market and nosh on those instead of the bag of dark peanut M&M’s sitting in our freezer. (We went to town on those later anyway.)IMG_4194

2. After staying in bed until 2pm on Sunday watching action movies and rotting our brains, we made a simple salad of arugula, endive and Parmesan cheese for lunch instead of eating the final few handfuls of dark peanut M&M’s. (We aim high in our apartment!)

3. Whipping up a nutritious bowl of guacamole — a wonderful addition to any rainy bbq.IMG_4197

4. Eating said guacamole on endive leaves instead of Tostitos. (Disclaimer: This does not make up for the mountain of chips I ate the night before.)IMG_4198

5. Placing raspberries in my wine spritzer. Hydration and vitamins.IMG_4182

So, there you have it. Another weekend come and gone, and still no races in sight. On the bright side, I’ve been enjoying the freedom to run as far or little as I please; all I really need to work on now is enjoying it as much as I know I am capable of. Fortunately, Noah and I are heading to Hilton Head this coming weekend for Memorial Day, and that should offer a really nice break from the monotony of my Manhattan mornings.

  • Did you PR this weekend? Or, just laze around a drink raspberry wine spritzers?
  • What’s one way you infused a healthy practice into your Saturday or Sunday? 

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