A Tasty Weekend Recap: 5 Reasons to Love It All

There are some weekends when I sit down to write about all of the healthy, run-tastic things I did, and my thoughts flow as furiously as the flash floods we experienced here in New York this past Saturday.

And then there are some weekends when I focus on other, more important parts of life. Like loving the little things. And family. And food. And fresh air. And all that good stuff.

As you can probably guess from this long-winded intro, this was one of those weekends. Did I run? Sure, on Saturday. After a solid 5-miler on Friday, Noah and I logged somewhere over 4 on Saturday morning before spending the rest of the day in Brooklyn.

Picture 3

On Sunday, I rested my tendinitis-ridden toe — unless you count scooting around town picking up ingredients for my family’s annual Mother’s Day BBQ. Calories burned, zero. And yet somehow, as I sit here writing this, I feel as though I’ve put my body through a freaking marathon. Errands are tiring!

Anyway, like i said, this is one of those moments when I’d rather focus on the fun — not fit. Herein, the 5 little details that lent to a lovely spring weekend in New York. I hope yours was as delicious (and adorable; you’ll see) too.

1. Homemade breakfast. There are very few mornings when Noah wakes up and says, “Want me to cook something up?” I’ve recently gotten really, obsessively (don’t judge) into keeping potatoes around the apartment. They’re cheap. They’re filling. And they come in incredibly handy when you’re all, man, I could really devour some hashbrowns right now. They made for great fuel before our little 4-mile East River run too.

Picture 9

2. Funfetti. Need I say more?

Ok, I’ll say a little bit more. I kicked off the weekend with a little funfetti cake in a cup. Probably not the all-time healthiest way to start your Saturday, but then again, not the worst either. It’s not fried, so that counts for something, right? Plus, it’s so pretty. How can you say no to that?

Picture 8

3. Champagne cocktail. Nothing says it’s the weekend like a fizzy, sugary beverage sipped gingerly on a rooftop in Brooklyn post-mini Saturday run. Cheers.

Picture 4

4. Fresh mango. Really not sure why, other than the fact that it’s delicious, but I ate an obnoxious amount of mango for some inexplicable reason this weekend. Everywhere I went, I bought mango. Maybe it was to counteract the cake and champagne. And maybe, just maybe, it worked.Picture 5

5. Family time. Aren’t they the sweetest? On Mother’s Day, Noah and I went back to my parent’s house on Long Island, where got the chance to have a little family fun. I love this picture of my dad teaching my nephew about how to pick radishes. Even more amusing was trying to convince him not to unearth plants that were too young. Never tell a 3-year-old not to do anything.

Picture 6

  • Whether family, run or a massive Carvel cake, what made your weekend sweeter than pie?

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