Weekend Running Along the DC Canal

This was no doubt a wonderful weekend, filled with decent runs, great friends, and delicious food.

Noah and I left early on Friday to make it down to DC before sunset. The drive wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and after 4 1/2 hours on the road…

Picture 5

…we found ourselves pulling up to the lush neighborhood in which his family resides. While a somewhat long journey for just a 36-hour escape, the views and fresh surroundings were completely worth the ride. On Saturday, I felt calm and at ease — a mini-escape from the city I love and hate all at the same time so much. (For perspective, see below for one of the many parts I love.)

Picture 1

As always, my trip to DC involved a lot of sweat. Noah comes from a family that very much values a healthy way of life, and I’m never too worried about veering too far from my regular routine on these intermittent trips down south.

Saturday was the perfect day to get outside and enjoy the season, but naturally, I forgot to bring my sneakers (actually, I left an old pair last time we drove from DC to the Outer Banks in a garbage bag outside of the house we stayed in).

Picture 2

First thing’s first, we woke up to the sound of birds singing. Do you have any idea how much more pleasant that is than the sound of trucks coming out of the Midtown Tunnel?

After finishing our coffee, we hopped in the car to hit up the local sneaker store, R&J, in Bethesda. Fortunately, they were fully stocked with the sneakers I was looking for — a new pair of the Saucony Triumph 10’s I’ve been loving so much as of late. And as an added bonus, they also had racks of running clothing at 50% off, so I managed to nab a couple of pairs of great brightly colored shorts for spring. I am so excited to try these guys on.

With my new shoes in hand (or on foot?), Noah and I kicked off the day with a short hike on the Billygoat Trail with his parents and dog, Paris. It wasn’t long, and it certainly wasn’t arduous, but it was nevertheless a fabulous way to get moving and enjoy the sun.

Picture 14

Right after the hike, Noah and I decided we could use a bit more movement, so we ran back 5 miles along the canal to his parent’s house. Straightaways have always somewhat bored me, and Saturday was no different. But on the bright side, a few elements were working on my side.

Picture 13

  1. New sneakers made a huge difference in how I felt from start to finish. I’d been in dire need of new ones for a while, so my body was definitely happy about that.
  2. I ran all 5 miles with Noah — and at a pretty decent pace at that. If I had to guess, we were probably clocking somewhere around 9-minute miles — fast for me! And to top it off, I spent the whole time telling him how bored the straightaway was making me feel, which managed to make the run go by more quickly. It’s sometimes nice to have a partner to complain to.
  3. The scenery was breathtaking, and I squelched a bit of my boredom by counting turtles on passing logs.

Picture 10

Then, I lost count.

Anyway, no bad day ever started like that, right? The rest of Saturday was spent wandering around Georgetown, having a nice dinner with his parents, and then celebrating our engagement with some of his best friends from home.

Picture 6

On Sunday, all of Saturday’s activity made me kind of want to sleep in. Like, forever. Thankfully, Noah’s mom (a runner too!) needed a bit of motivation, as did we. So, we all used each other to light a fire under our asses and mustered the inspiration to log a short, 3-mile run along the canal. Nothing fast. Nothing impressive. But just enough to feel omgsomuchbetter about ourselves.

Forgive me for keeping this weekend recap short, as I’m exhausted from my day of travel back home and still somewhat asleep from last night. All that’s kept me going until now is the nutritious meal I whipped up to enjoy while watching Game of Thrones (John Snow = swoon)…


Picture 3

…and this tasty ramp mustard I picked up at the farmers’ market that I can’t wait to eat up.

Picture 4

  • Straightaway runs: like or dislike?
  • Ever forgot to pack your sneakers for a trip, so you just bought a new pair?

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