Oh, There You Are, Motivation

Finally, I woke up with the actual desire to get out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed, grab my keys, walk out the door, and put one foot in front of the other — hopefully at a pace that’s faster than speed walking. I wasn’t promising myself anything, though. I know what my body has felt like on pavement as of late.

Naturally, this would happen on the one day this week I intended not to run. On Tuesday, the day I had planned on banging out 5 miles around the lower loop of Central Park, I forgot to set my alarm (or, I reset my phone, and didn’t think that’d reset my alarm too), and wound up waking up late. Wednesday, I had every intention of “sleeping in” until 7:30 in anticipation of this evening’s ever-feared boot camp class with my colleagues.

But when the body beckons — and the sun beckons — you to run, you listen.

Picture 5

And so, although I managed to stop myself after 3 miles with the hope of “not overdoing it” before a 60-minute training session with weights, I nevertheless will have officially worked out twice in one day as of 8:30 tonight. Wow, somewhere, a pig must have lept over the moon. Swine are on the fly. Watch out now.

Like I said, Wednesday’s run was short and sweet, taking me from the immaculately kept Madison Square Park…

Picture 2

…to Union Square, where the Farmers’ Market was well underway…

Picture 1

…and slightly east to Gramercy Park.

Picture 8

The sun was shining…

Picture 9

…and the flowers, while out, were definitely beginning to wilt now that they’ve blossomed and are ready to return to the earth.

Picture 6

Really, it couldn’t have been more perfect, and I once again enjoyed trying out my new Reebok ZigCarbon sneakers along the way. As with last time, I actually felt more spring with every step — and it’s not just the time of the year. I’m really starting to like these kicks.

Picture 7

I know: I probably could have used two hard-core workouts in less than 24 hours after last week’s, and this weekend’s, birthday festivities — and by festivities, I mean Carvel cake, champagne, and the birthday cake Oreo’s I’ve been wanting to try forever.

Picture 1

My 26th birthday was of course the appropriate occasion to not only test out my fantasy cookie, but to eat an entire box. (Ok, exaggeration; but 7 of us did crush the entire thing before dinner even began.)


These people can eat.

On the bright side — on the summer conscious side — I also know how to manage my nutritional intake after a doozy of a weekend like that. On Sunday night, for example, I committed to dinner at my mom’s house; my mom is far more likely to cook me up a healthful meal of grilled shrimp and salmon than I ever would within the confines of my small Manhattan apartment.


The bonus: She even added in a homemade sidedish of cauliflower and onions.


Yea, I guess I”ll keep her around.

This week was more of the same, making sure that all my meals were full of veggies and greens.


In the end, there’s little more you can do than that after going all out for a couple of days. As runners, we understand extremes. Some mornings, we run far. Some mornings, we run short. Some mornings, we don’t run at all. And on mornings when we’re training, we run farther than perhaps we’d consider ideal.

It’s all part of the process, and food plays into the equation. We can’t live on a diet of “normal,” “healthy” foods every day, can we? Well, I guess the answer to that is yes. But it’d be boring, if you ask me.

A few exciting activities coming up as the week presses on:

  1. Bootcamp tonight. I’m returning to the same class I spoke about last month, which I went to with my colleagues and managed to be unable to walk after that. So, stay tuned for comical tweets about my hammies.
  2. Running with @beth1126 tomorrow morning. I’ve been itching to run with a friend since all the motivation drained from my soul last week, and as usual, Beth has agreed to be that buddy. She has also been warned that I will be in post-boot camp condition.
  3. DC pathways. Ok, so sometimes, these aren’t my favorite. But I am excited to escape the city, enjoy some suburban air, celebrate this “exciting time in my life,” as everyone has been telling me, with Noah’s best friends, and run along the canal. It’s spring, so I’m sure to swallow a couple of gnats if I’m lucky.
  • When you have a “rough” weekend filled with food and alcohol, how do you get back on track?
  • What great fitness plans do you have for the rest of the week?
  • The double workout whammy: a do or don’t?

2 thoughts on “Oh, There You Are, Motivation

  1. Your birthday sounded wonderful…cake and champagne! How does it get any better?!

    The best way I’ve found to get back on track is to wake up early the next morning and sweat. Just get it over with and you’ll have that motivation back quickly!

    I’m flying to Dallas for work, so I have two hotel gym workouts planned and a little HIIT run.

    I double (and sometimes triple!) workout at least twice a week. I’ll run in the AM, yoga around 6:30 PM and then lift weights at the gym around 8:30 PM when my husband gets home from work. I LOVE IT!

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