3 Running Accessories Now That It’s Spring

I really dislike gloomy mornings these days. Whereas the me of yesteryear could launch my body out of bed in rain, sleet or snow, these days, I’m having more and more difficulty motivating myself to get my lazy bum out of bed at the first sign of a drizzle.

Picture 3

Man, am I getting old, or just allowing myself to submit to excuses? I mean, I did turn 26 this weekend, but holy crap, I ain’t 80 just yet.

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Like I said, this weekend, I turned 26 years young. A baby, to some. A giant, to others. I suppose, it just depends what point of your life you’re entering right now. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been struggling to keep up the level of enthusiasm I once had for banging out 10 miles on any given Saturday.

This weekend was incredibly low in terms of mileage. For one, Noah and I had to wake up extra early on Saturday to go out to Long Island, grab a car, and drive to my Connecticut House — which turned out to be a blast.

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Still, despite a 9:18 train, we managed to sneak in 25 minutes outside — me, because I couldn’t bear the idea of not running on my birthday, and Noah because he didn’t want to bear the consequences of my attitude if the former should have occurred.

So we ran. It was a short, 2-3 mile run, but it was better than nothing, and so that was that. It was pretty and sunny and full of spring flowers, but 25 minutes later, it was also  over.


After taking a day off Sunday (I’d deal with a day of rest because I’ve been so good otherwise), I became determined to complete a solid 5 miles around the lower loop of Central Park on Monday. But then Sunday night came. And I, immersed in the crime novel Gone Girl, didn’t go to sleep until after midnight — quite late for a school night. (Editor’s note: If you love Law & Order as much as I do, then I highly suggest you go pick up this book right meow.)

Anyway, by Monday morning, I was toast. You literally couldn’t bribe me out of bed with blueberry pancakes if you wanted to; and when my alarm went off at 6:37 and I opened my eyes to gray, drizzly skies, I decided to press snooze three times, and wound up waking up at 7:13 instead. Morning run, fail.

Then I got to thinking.

Fortunately, on Monday morning, I managed to convince myself to crunch, squat and bend for at least 45 minutes. It wasn’t the sweatiest workout I’d ever had, but it wasn’t nothing either. Sometimes, you just have to swallow your pride and take what you can get.

With an eye toward the future, I got to thinking. I need motivation. I need inspiration. I need a reason to want to wake up and run, like on Friday, when I knew my new Reebok Zig Carbon sneakers were able to lure me from my slumber.


Save for this morning, the rest of the week looks fabulous — perfect for any spring-loving runner like myself. With a hopeful heart and a conscious mind, I’ve decided to convince myself to get out there; to convince myself to enjoy the weather; to convince myself to be prepared, determined, and of course, trendy as all hell.

So, without further ado, my list of the 3 must-have running accessories for spring 2013. Runners: On your marks, get set, shop!

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

I fell in love with these shades from the moment I saw some stranger run by me on the East River wearing the reflective, totally bad-ass specs. I mean, can you say running swag? These things freaking radiate running awesome and cool.

I just had to have the Oakley Frogskin sunglasses once I had them in my mind, and since purchasing, I’ve convinced myself that I made the right choice. A few reasons why you might consider them: They do a great job of blocking the sun, meaning no squinting on my way back east early in the morning; the shades don’t bounce, so they stay snug and comfy for the duration of your excursion; and you’re actually protecting your eyes, as the sun can cause damage over time.


Sparkly Soul #BostonStrong Headband

If ever you needed an excuse to purchase a glittery headband for yourself, your friend, or a loved one (um, not that we needed an excuse), then consider this proposition. Until May 15th, Sparkly Soul — the beauty and brains behind the coolest non-slip, glittery headband ever — is donating 20% of sales from their blue, gold, and blue/gold headbands, all in the name of justice and peace. The New York-based brand is sending some serious love to its brothers and sisters up north. Stay classy, look cool, and be Boston Strong.

Picture 1

Hot Pink Handheld Water Bottle

You guys, if you think you can get away with running around on increasingly warmer days without properly hydrating yourself both before, during and after your run, then you need to reassess your plan. That’s dangerous!

Because it’s not insanely warm, spring can be tricky. During summer, you practically have to run with a water bottle in hand. During spring, it’s not as obvious.

I’m not a big fan of the running belt at all, and by not a big fan, I really mean that Noah bought me one three years ago, and it’s been sitting in my closet ever since. But the handheld water bottle is cute, easy to wash, and doesn’t wiggle on your mid-section. If you’ve been wondering how to comfortably carry water or gatorade or electrolytes with you on the go, this little guy is definitely it.


  • What are your spring running accessory must-haves?

13 thoughts on “3 Running Accessories Now That It’s Spring

  1. Happy 26th to you :). I just turned 27 so I’m also feeling your “no more mid twenties” pain.

    I’ve been looking for a great pair of running sunglasses FOREVER. I’m always afraid to take the plunge but I’m going to check these out.

    • Thank you! Ugh, life is so hard 🙂

      Big fan. They don’t stay on well with a headband, but worn alone, I’ve loved them. Awesome for blocking the sun.

  2. Super cute headband. I just got a sparkly one myself. I also LOVE the handheld water bottle. I couldn’t stand the flopping around of the belt.

    Oh, and Gone Girl is for sure my favorite book in the past year at least. I could not put it down. I kept saying to my husband “OH MY GOSH you would not believe what just happened.”

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