Philadelphia: We Ran, We Ate, We Conquered

This weekend, Noah and I enjoyed a nice little getaway to the city known as Philadelphia. The reason? Actually, we had planned this trip to a bed and breakfast situated in Rittenhouse Square more than a month ago — an insanely nice gift for the holidays from his parents. But let’s just say that those of you who know us personally are aware that we had a bit of an occasion to celebrate.


It was wonderful to get out of Manhattan for a day and night, especially on such a beautiful, warm weekend as the flowers began to bloom.


Spring is finally here, isn’t it! And with it comes added runs (I’ve been out there nearly every day!) and, of course, finally, shorts.


I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to put away the leggings until next year.

At any rate, like I said, I’ve been running a ton lately — hopefully not to my detriment We all know how easily I get injured, and my hip has definitely been acting up as of late — even when doing something as simple as walking.

The pathways of Central Park have been packed with runners each morning, and yet surprisingly enough, it was Philadelphia that turned out to be the city of runnerly love.

Besides running though, there was a ton to do in Philly, and we didn’t waste a minute. From the famous (ok, slightly touristy) Reading Market, where we inhaled delicious, Food Network-approved apple dumplings…


…to the Italian market, where we picked up fine cheese and fancy onion dips…


…to Rittenhouse Square, where we noshed on said snacks, we tried to make the most of the short time we had there.


Naturally, this included a quick 4 miler.

On Sunday morning, after a decent meal at the bed and breakfast in which we stayed, and after sleeping a glorious 9 hours, we checked out the river…


…ran the Rocky steps…


…and took impromptu breaks to mock statues.


How old are we again?

On a more serious note, I had this revelation during our brief 4 mile run on Sunday that, for a moment, knocked me off my high horse. Last September, my cousin and I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in that very same place. We scanned the river. We breezed through the city. We finished at the museum made so famous by Silvester himself.

On Sunday, I couldn’t help but think about how impossible it would be for me to run a half marathon today — or even next month. Last year, I had run them so frequently that I was constantly “in half marathon shape.” (I still love the way that sounds.) I was prepared to — bam — sign up for a race on a whim and cross the finish line with ease.

These days, I’ve changed my tune just a bit. Call it injury. Call it lazy. Call it just floating through life. Whatever it is, I’ve been running almost every day, but sticking to a lesser distance. And you know what, I’ve been totally fine with it so far. In fact, it wasn’t until Sunday that I felt that pang of — well, maybe I do miss this. Maybe, I miss the ability to log 10 miles on a Saturday just because.

At the end of the day, each time I ran a half last year, I wound up sitting out for extended periods of time thereafter, and that’s something I’ve had to remind myself of since the weekend. To run everyday, or to not run everyday? At least, that’s the question I’m constantly asking myself.

  • Would you rather run a few miles every day, or lots of miles a few days a week?
  • Have you ever run in Philadelphia? What were your favorite parts, and did you dorkily run up the Rocky steps?

4 thoughts on “Philadelphia: We Ran, We Ate, We Conquered

  1. I dropped off the blogging zone for a while and it was great to pick up your blog again. What’s a real trip is that my wife and I were just in Philadelphia last week and I ran the Rocky steps and followed the path past the boat houses and up the river. What a trip to see the same photo’s in your blog. I did a second run the next day from our hotel over the Benjamin Franklin bridge and into NJ. Great hill work! To top it all off, we took a day trip into Manhattan and spent about 10 hours seeing the sights! Small world!

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