My Big Bootcamp Workout Adventure

Bootcamp. It’s not often that you hear those words come out of my mouth without, why would anyone try [bootcamp] preceding the statement.

The details:

Tough Enough Bootcamp through the LIVESTRONG Fitness Club. Jamba Juice refreshments after. Followed by a boozy Wednesday night at the bar next door. Sounds about right, no?

Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve taken an actual, organized fitness class. The last was Refine Method on the Upper West Side, and that was back in February (time flies!), and I was terribly hungover during the class. Pounding headaches are typically not how you want to go in to a grueling session of sweat. But I managed.

Picture 1

Fortunately, I was in far better shape for Wednesday’s workout.

The evening (yes, evening! this was a night-time workout, unless most of my others) kicked off with a small social gathering of industry folk ready to sweat out the week (or all that food we’ve been eating in the kitchen). More participants turned out than I had thought, and so by the time we were ready to get started, we were packed into the small, smelly Chelsea studio like sardines. In short, I could have used a bit more space. I could have used a bit of this.


To top it off, by the time I got over to the weights station to gear up, all of the 8-pound dumbbells (and lighter) had already been swiped up, leaving me to struggle with 10’s for the duration of the class. Awesome.

At any rate, the workout itself was nothing I need to map out here on this page; in truth, it consisted of a ton of strength training movements that we all know about, we’ve all done, and we’ll all do again. The class certainly wasn’t boutique (like your Figure 4, your Barry’s, or your Physique 57) and it certainly wasn’t novel. But, knowing so many people in the class and, of course, thanks to a pretty good soundtrack, I did enjoy the 45-minute workout — despite it being dark outside.

As for the 10-pound weights, I will say that I surprised myself with how strong I can be — how strong I am. Ok, I know 10 pounds isn’t anything to write home about; no need to call the editors at Shape just yet. But as a runner, it’s not often that I spend my mornings strength training. One? Maybe two times a week at most? 8 pounds typically suffices, and even those seem super heavy at times. Most of the time, I just stick to random river-side planks.


The one movement I was unable to complete (um, whatsoever) with these big mamas of weights were flies. All I can take away from this is that I probably have stronger biceps than tricpes, and I should probably work out that little flab of skin under my arm. Ultimately, I probably won’t — not when it’s spring, and not when i can be here.


Speaking of running, this week was a little disappointing since, although the calendar reads April, it definitely feels more like February or March. Still, I’ve managed to get out there, covering 5 miles on Thursday morning as a “shake out” to boot camp (re: holy hell my legs really hurt now).

Come Friday morning, I spent that cherished hour to myself simply rolling out my legs.

For those of you who are weather fiends like me, if you live on the East Coast, then you know that this weekend should be beautiful, sunny, warm. Finally. My goal is to run over a bridge. I don’t care when or where. Maybe it will be this one…


…or maybe, I’ll head to the B-K.


We can all let out a collective phew now; there is nothing worse than bad running weather on those few precious days off.

Enjoy your weekends, get in some solid runs, enjoy the sunshine, and, seriously people, Go Blue!

Picture 1

  • Are you a fan of boot camp workouts?
  • What pound weights do you use, and do you strive to work toward heavier weights, or stick to what you know?

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