No Regrets: 3 Steps to Getting Out the Door

Tuesday was a tough one. Tired. Lazy. Groggy. Stressed. And to top it off, it was actually pretty freaking chilly outside, despite the start of spring.

When combined, these attributes are probably among the worst for mustering the motivation to exercise at all — let alone run in the bitter cold. In fact, I‘m over it, was the first thought that came to my mind on Tuesday morning.

Part of me also knew that the tired, lazy, groggy, stressed out Stacy sorely needed to get her butt out the door. The other part: a devil telling me it was ok to fail.

Fortunately, it was the angel that ultimately won out, and in the face of hesitation, I managed to hazily get dressed, throw on ear warmers, and head out into the morning air.


If not from the title, I’m sure you’d know where this story was going either way. I’m not saying that Tuesday’s was the best run or workout ever, but even those 3 miles — combined with a few leg lifts and a 1:30:00 plank — were enough to get my engines going — to start my day off right.


Morning runner or not, there are nevertheless a few tricks I use on a daily basis to avoid wimping out. Failure? Not an option. Here’s how to get’er done.

1. Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room. Or, at least not anywhere near your bed, and definitely not so far away that the sound is so faint you can ignore it. Yes, it sucks. Because typically, once you’re up, you’re definitely up. If the goal is a morning workout, this is definitely the first step to reaching your objective.

2. Check the weather in advance. Nothing like waking up with the intention of running to discover rain pouring outside your window. If ever there were a catalyst for staying in bed, a rain storm is definitely it.

Just because it’s rainy outside doesn’t mean you can’t work out at all, though. Knowing it’s going to be rainy in advance is a great way to amp up for a living room sweat session, and similarly, knowing it’s going to be sunny and warm is an excellent way to psych yourself up for a solid morning run.

3. Be creative. On mornings when there’s little motivation, the same old song and dance might not cut it. Find something pretty. Make it the destination of your morning. Focus on the fresh air, the cool breeze, the sound of your breathe and the rhythm of your pulse.



  • What tricks do you use to get out the door in the morning?
  • Do you ever struggle to work out in the morning, even if you’re a morning person, or at night even as a night person?

6 thoughts on “No Regrets: 3 Steps to Getting Out the Door

  1. I am not a morning person. I want to be so thanks for the tips! 🙂
    I usually do my workouts later in the afternoon sometimes it’s hard when something will come up and ruin my sched. Thats the reason why i want to switch my runs in the morning 🙂

    • I used to wake up to the beatles 🙂 I think my boyfriend would be mad if I blasted music these days. Good tip!

  2. I set up the coffee machine to automatically turn on 5 minutes before my alarm. Knowing it is fresh and waiting for me if I get up right then is awesome. The smell alone starts tugging at my caffiene addicted brain and I can’t resist it even if I do try to go back to bed.

    • That actually really makes me want a coffee machine. I’ve always wanted to wake up to that smell! Unfortunately, my kitchen has zero space left. Ohh Manhattan. Great tip!

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