First East River Run of the Spring Season

Don’t you just love those mornings when you’re so, so sleepy, and can hardly open your eyes let alone think of crawling out of bed? And then somehow – somewhere – you gather the strength to pull back the covers and put one foot, two feet on the floor, and get up, lace up, and get your beastly butt out the door.

That was my Wednesday morning.

Flashback to Tuesday evening: I enjoyed two glasses of wine that hit me like 20 (old age; she’s a-comin’), resulting in a particularly tired Wednesday morning and a ton of trouble getting out of bed. But once I did — and once I grabbed Noah to come along with me (for the win!) — I knew I made the right choice.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong about this.


I’d been avoiding the East River pretty much since winter began. It’s not that it’s any colder by the water, but it’s definitely significantly breezier, and wind sets off this weird ear-thing I get, in which pressure affects my head. In other words, wind = ouch. Winter = Central Park. Not a big deal at all.

I obviously don’t mind my mornings in Central Park, but it’s certainly nice to be able to switch it up again by adding the river into the mix — especially since the 34th street entrance, near the helipad, is so close to my apartment, unlike the park, which is a solid mile away.

The East River, dirty as it may be, can be absolutely beautiful as well, bookended by bridges while boasting half-city half-nature views all around.

Even though it’s not far from home, whenever I start a run to the East River, I am inevitably overwhelmed with an initial — ugh, am I there yet — sense of dread. Why? Because the industrial views pre-riverside pathway is plain old ugly. (Don’t be fooled by how pretty it looks at sunrise. Everything in Manhattan looks better at dawn.)


Fortunately, it’s not long until you arrive at this.


And this.


And this.

IMG_3634And this.


Can I insert a #nofilter into a blog? Probably not. But I just did anyway.

At any rate, had I stayed in bed and adhered to the evil devil on my shoulder on Wednesday morning, I’d have missed out on blue skies, a surprisingly warm(er) sun, and these amazing views — not to mention the feel-good vibes flowing through my body for the rest of the day.

We all have those mornings when it’s nearly impossible to get out of bed. But if you can muster the energy, the willpower, the inner-drive, it’s typically worth it, and you’ll rarely regret it. #geterdone

  • Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for getting out of bed on super sleepy mornings?
  • Do you get headaches in windy weather? Any tricks for that would be welcome too! I typically just wear a hat; not a very high-tech solution.

12 thoughts on “First East River Run of the Spring Season

  1. Your photos are great and it reminded me of the run I had a chance to enjoy along the East River this past Sunday. I wonder if the sleepy mornings will change a bit when the daylight increases. Switching the clocks ahead was hard for me this year.

    • I am dying for the mornings to get brighter! I’m among the like 2% of the population who doesn’t like day light savings for that very reason.

  2. I love that run! I’m so excited for it to be a bit warmer so I can enjoy it again. I honestly wish I didn’t hate outdoor running so much…but I can’t stand it. For under 5 miles? I’ll take treadmill (and the Today show) any day.

    Great photos and great post!

  3. Wow. That’s a beautiful view to do your morning runs. If I have that here I would definitely be up early running everyday. 🙂

    Sad to say, I’m really not a morning person. I usually do my workouts in the afternoon. I wish i can change that habit. I’m planning to do morning runs this spring. So, wish me luck waking up early. 🙂

  4. I love running on the east river – I miss it very much! I lived on 20th and Ave C so it was 100% my go-to for early morning runs! 20th Street to BK Bridge and back is a perfect route! I love those pics!

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