Get Crazy: 5 Reasons to Try Insanity

One might say, I never learn. I just call it driven.

Two weeks ago, Noah and I decided to try out Insanity No. 3, Cardio Power and Resistance — that crazy workout that apparently lives up to its name. The workout, which consists of a lot of cardio, blended with resistance training, is certainly insane. Bananas even. And by the 24- and 48- hour later mark, I was in serious post-workout pain.

Picture 1

I took note of my mistake for all of two weeks — and I can probably only attribute that to the fact that I was pretty dang sick for one of them.

Now that I’m feeling better, this week has so far been devoted to all things health, from morning workouts (running in the park, Insanity in my living room) to pre-made meals to enjoy throughout the day, inclusive of cottage cheese, cinnamon and almonds (perfect for all you former rice pudding junkies like myself)…


…leftover lentil, bulgar, veggies and mozzarella salad…


…and leftover (non-homemade) lentil soup.


But enough about my digestive system.

If you’re looking to switch up your workout — and you’re totally intimidated by Insanity both for its name and reputation — then be sure to read on for 5 reasons to pursue your ultimate dream body (editor’s note: not there yet).

1. Challenge yourself. When you’ve been running nearly every day for years and years, you begin to realize that there are only so many ways you can challenge your body. Run faster. Run harder. Run up a hill. Run in snow. These are all ways to make your outings more difficult, sure, but at the end of the day, even the toughest of runs is nothing we devotees haven’t seen or felt before.


(Rain? NBD.)

2. Compliment your runs. I’ve read enough, and spoken to enough people, to know that most distance runners don’t log crazy high numbers every single day of the week. Strength training, cross training, yoga and the likes won’t just make you a stronger runner — it can make you a healthier runner too.


3. Break a sweat. Don’t get me wrong; I am such a sweaty runner. It’s gross, really — I’ve never been one of those ladies that glisten when they move. Insanity takes sweat to a whole new level though. I’m not just glowing, or sweating, or dripping. By about 7 minutes in, I am literally drenched. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.


4. Moderation. Despite the high intensity, I actually find that Insanity offers a really nice combination of quick-paced movements and solid, body-conscious stretches. If you can get past the first 10 minutes (which are ostensibly the worst of video numero tres), then you can survive the rest. In fact, the last few sets of movements are peppered with 30-second water breaks — I repeat, 30-second water breaks.

5. Group atmosphere, alone. Ya’ll know how much I love my living room workouts. No gyms. No attitudes. No t-shirts (what?). Insanity is filmed in such a way that you actually feel as though you’re right there, in that expansive, sweat-filled, pumped up gym, along with the other 10 to 15 or so fitness junkies. And the best part? Even they struggle to finish the movements, confirming that you are not alone in this struggle to be a beast.

  • Have you ever tried Insanity? Would you add anything to this list?
  • What’s the hardest workout you’ve done lately?

10 thoughts on “Get Crazy: 5 Reasons to Try Insanity

  1. My husband and I want to try Insanity. I may have to share this post to him and look for videos online to convince him more. Thanks!

    I think Pilates is the hardest I tried. It looks easy but once you do it, it’s crazy hard.

    • OMG Pilates is SO hard. I still haven’t made it through a whole session, but in all fairness, I haven’t gone to a class either. I just do Pilates-“inspired” videos at home. Certainly not the same.

  2. I was on an Insanity kick all last spring. Then I found Nike Training Club and started using that more than the Insanity DVDs (also my sister took them with her to her apartment). But I FINALLY convinced by fiance to give the workouts a try with me.. cannot wait for him to get a taste of the 7-minutes-in-and-you’re-drenched-in-sweat feeling! LOVE!

    • The first time I tried it was with my boyfriend, and he definitely felt it! Your man is in for a serious ass kicking.

    • Just push through. If you need to stop, stop – but just when you think you can’t stand it, you’ll get a break. Plus, seeing all the people in the video panting helps.

  3. Did you know that Insanity is in the process of training instructors to teach group classes? A friend of mine is getting certified this spring. So look for classes at a gym near you, coming soon!

      • She says the classes will be modififed from the intensity in the videos. The exercises will be done at a moderate level, with variations shown for “easier” and “more challenging”. But I still don’t know if I want to sweat THAT much in front of strangers!

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