Once in a While, I Run

I love this time of the year. Warmer weather. Light-filled evenings. The prospect of summer. In fact, the only thing that bothers me about these few weeks that follow daylight savings is that the mornings, once bright and sunny by the crack of dawn, are now dark and sleepy. Once again, I’m finding it nearly impossible to crawl out of bed in the morning, but hopefully, in a few weeks, all that should fortunately change.

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I’ll best honest though; while I’ve been pretty awesome about running and working out and doing all that fit and healthy stuff lately, since Thursday of last week, I’ve been in a total rut.

It started after Thursday’s workout. That morning, Noah and I woke up and tried out the Insanity workout from our living floor. This is what I looked like afterward.


On Friday, I woke up in horrible pain (Noah too, but not as bad) — my calves cramping more than I’d ever experienced before. To top it off, I developed a minor case of toe tendinitis in my foot from Insanity-ing without sneakers (so apparently everything isn’t like yoga). Anyway, so much for that.

I spent Friday morning in recovery mode, simply massaging my calf muscles with the foam roller and, to squeeze out just a little bit of sweat, doing a combined 30 minutes of yoga and core work.

All that foam rolling and, yes, the leg massage I treated myself to at the mani/pedi place down the block, didn’t help at all. As Saturday rolled around, the pain grew even worse. It was kind of funny. Kind of not. In any case, I could hardly walk.

Still, on Saturday, I managed to hobble down to Jivamukti in Union Square to get my yoga on. I figured that the stretch wouldn’t hurt and, if nothing else, I could at least work on my inner ohm.


Ohm, indeed.

Saturday evening, Noah and I spent a great night out on the town, during which I numbed my physical pain with far too much booze. Which brought us to Sunday — as you can imagine, I didn’t do much of anything (save for clean every nook and cranny of my apartment like a mad woman) beyond nursing my hangover.

I’m getting far too old for this.

As for this week, well, the excuses kept coming as the week kicked off.

Monday: Thought I was coming down with the flu. Still not sure whether it’s a cold or allergies. At any rate, I packed a bag to bring to work in hopes that I’d stop off at the nearby Blink gym or some random yoga studio, but by 5:00, all I really wanted was to go home and sleep it off.

I’d have run on Tuesday — in fact, I wanted to run on Tuesday, if I didn’t wake up to this.


Nothing like a rainy, lazy morning to come up with the perfect excuse to roll out my yoga mat and do a little core work.

Finally, Wednesday came along. 40 degrees. Sunny. A little dark to start, but overall, pretty much perfect toward the end.


Now, you have to remember that by the time I left my apartment, the sun was only just beginning to rise. That, and I hadn’t run in pretty much a week. Easy? Absolutely not. But by keeping it slow, and easing myself back into the dance, it all started to come back somewhat easily.

The route: simple and unforced, up to Central Park, around the lower loop one full time, and back home, covering a total of 5 miles. Before starting, part of me figured that it’d be wise to stop after 3. But what a shame it would have been to waste my eager, energized legs by finishing short of my favorite five-er.


By the time I got to the Bethesda Fountain, the sun was high in the sky, reminding me over and over why I run, and making me question the previous days’ lull. As my iPhone ran out of battery (oh, you’re supposed to charge your cell at night?) and the music suddenly went dead, I removed my headphones and began focusing on the sound of my feet, one in front of the other, slow and steady, light and quiet. Anyone else cringe when they hear the sound of a plodding runner gradually sneaking up behind? On Wednesday, I tried not to be that person. I tried to be light as a feather.

I would love to say that I’m totally back in the game, but knowing myself, and knowing my appreciation for the realistic, I’m going to play this whole thing by ear. A few of the factors affecting my ability to commit?

1. My toe still has real signs of tendinitis.

2. My sinuses, throat and ears feel wicked crappy.

3. I’m heading to a farm this weekend! While I’ll obviously bring my sneakers, there’s always the chance that I replace my daily run with a hike or, like, drinking a six-pack.

For now, I need rest. I’ll always be able to run. But to do so, it’s important to take care of my body.

  • Are you in a running streak or lull right now?
  • Anyone else let their morning workouts get thwarted by spring colds and allergies?
  • Any tips for toe tendinitis, besides ice and massage?

4 thoughts on “Once in a While, I Run

  1. I was in a streak from training but some sickness and fatigue before that has me in a lull right now. I guess guaranteed rest for the NYC Half?

    I have no excuse for thwarted morning workouts besides the fact that I’m a student so every time I plan to work out in the morning, my alarm goes off and I think, “well I can just run this afternoon…” and do that instead. It’s something I need to work on before I start working at my law firm since hours there are so crazy there will be no guarantee if I don’t go in the mornings!

    • Totally get that. It’s why I’m so steadfast about my morning runs. That said, I’m with you in the lull right now — recover body, recover!

  2. i’m in both a streak and a lull — physically, i’ve been hitting the pavement 6-7 days a week since i’m in week 9 of marathon training; mentally, though, it’s starting to drain on me. looking forward to taper time (4 more weeks!)

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