Featured! FitFluential Ambassador Spotlight

Pardon the interruption in my regular running routine while I nurse this big toe tendinitis back to health.

Did you see? Did you see? Last week, FitFluential was kind enough to feature me in an ambassador spotlight. You can read the write-up in its entirety here, or simply scroll below. As always, thanks for your support!

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How do you define FitFluential?

I’m not quite sure that there is any single way to define FitFluential; the term itself insinuates a state of mind that is constantly shifting and evolving based on whatever it is that we – this community of fit-minded individuals – are trying to achieve. What this requires is motivation, an open mind and strong will. And, of course, it requires an appreciation of all things sweat and nutrition.

What is your main motivation to be fit?

My main motivation to be – and stay – fit is my mind. Mental clarity isn’t why I started working out in the first place (that happened to be the avoidance of the “freshman fifteen”); but it’s why I’ve continued to run all these years.

When running outdoors, I am at peace – even amidst car horns, pedestrians and the littered sidewalks of New York City. Naturally, it’s a treat when I am able to escape my urban landscape, replacing it with a more rural backdrop, but really, as long as I am up early and outdoors, moving and sweating, I feel centered, balanced and at ease. This internal tranquility is what drives me to get out of bed in the morning and lace up my sneakers.

FitFluential believes the keys to balance are Eat, Sleep, Move and Enjoy. What is your favorite way to enjoy life?

After years of experimentation with various eating habits, fitness routines and more, I’ve discovered that the Holy Grail of happiness is to lead a moderate lifestyle. I’ve adopted the “extremes” of a healthy lifestyle throughout this process, and let me tell you from experience, that these were not healthy ways to live – or think. No carbs? No sanity! Rather than shunning seemingly “bad” habits, I believe that it’s far more important to incorporate positive ones. In 2013, I challenge everyone to stop restricting and start adding value to our lives on a daily basis.

What is your regular fitness routine?

If you asked me this question last year, I’d have told you I was a diehard runner with a love of intermittent yoga. Looking back, this steadfast vision of what it meant to be healthy was, well, kind of unhealthy. Running everyday for nearly seven years, and then incorporating longer distance races like half marathons on a regular basis, lead to numerous injuries and an indelible sense of frustration that I can still feel in my bones – literally and metaphorically – today.

While I’m not a certified trainer or coach, I do consider myself an expert novice runner. As such, I can’t stress enough the importance of mixing it up. Today, I still practice yoga, but I also strength train and pop in Pilates and barre-based exercise DVDs. Just this morning, I went to my first TRX training class. Ultimately, being FitFluential is about having an open mind and knowing that a fitness routine should actually never be routine; it should constantly evolve to meet our needs in the present moment.

What advice do you have for someone at the beginning of their fitness journey?

Start slow, trust your intuitions, and don’t allow setbacks to damper your journey. It’s all part of the process; these obstacles and limitations will ultimately make you stronger.

In the end, it’s not about following someone else’s path to fitness, health or happiness. Don’t run without music just because another runner said it’s inauthentic to rock out to tunes. Don’t sign up for the latest trendy spinning class just because the rest of your crew thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

When you’re ready, find your own way. Be playful. Be creative. Be fearless.

Bonus Question:

What are your resolutions for 2013?

Despite my personal health pursuits, I don’t believe in creating resolutions that revolve around health and fitness (unless it’s simply to try a new class, ingredient or fad). Lose weight? Too harsh. Do a cleanse? Not my thing. Instead, I prefer to focus on resolutions whose outcomes don’t reside in happiness. Last year, I vowed to accessorize more (in the gym too!). This year, my goal is to dress more professionally. And you know what? How we look and feel will affect how we appear in our professional clothing, so really, it’s all interconnected. Win-win!

  • How do you define “fit?”
  • What is your main motivation to be fit?
  • What advice would you give someone at the beginning of their fitness journey?

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