Top 10 Reasons I’m SO Ready for Spring

Has it really gotten to the point where 32 degrees feels warm to me?


With a three-day forecast of rain in the future (though looking out the window right now, where is the rain? where is the snow?), and the relatively mild temperature, I knew that I should haul my rump roast out of bed on Wednesday morning, even if all I really wanted to do was pull the blanket over my head and fall back asleep.

Picture 2

(Yep, this little beauty is back. You’re welcome.)

Fortunately, after these next few days of blah, the weekend calls for sunny, actually blue skies. And, wait for it folks, it’s gonna be 50 freaking degrees. Well, close enough anyway.

Spring is on its way, and soon, Central Park will look like this.


But until then, we’ll just have to stick it out.

I think I speak for a lot of runners out there when I say good riddance to winter; especially this one, as we’ve endured freezing temperatures and dark, icky mornings in the northeast for far too long.


Total ick.

What am I most excited for about spring runs?

1. No more gloves. Which is probably — no, definitely — a good thing, since they were starting to smell anyway.


(Pretty can be deceiving. These absolutely stink despite numerous cycles in the washing machine.)

2. No more frozen fingers — with or without gloves.

3. No more ice. Considering I’m super clumsy and have a tendency to fall when there isn’t ice, this is probably a good thing.

4. No more tears. Does anyone else look like they’re crying during the first 20 minutes of a cold weather run?


5. No more frozen ankles. It’s amazing how, even when covered up from nearly head to toe, the one inch of skin between sock and legging can feel horribly cold.


6. No more post-run redness (re: my butt, thighs and stomach). Like, bright red. From, you know, being frozen. You can practically hear the sizzle of my skin when I slip into the shower.

7. No more layers. Running under three sweatshirts was making it incredibly difficult to move.


8. No more closed Central Park mornings. That’s one of the worst feelings ever. Is it really that likely that a snow-covered branch will fall and crush me? (Don’t answer that.)


9. More river runs! During the winter, I’m somewhat scared of the East River since it gets blustery and uncomfortable. I cannot wait to run the promenade again.


10. Sunshine! Tans! Flowers! Green! And all those other aspects about running in warmth that I love. Did I mentioned I’m ready for spring?

  • Your turn. Why are you ready for spring (running or non-running answers welcome)!

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I’m SO Ready for Spring

  1. Haha I totally relate to this post. Re: ankles, wrists, and fingertips: I’ve started putting my socks and (two pairs of) gloves on FIRST, then pants and jacket. That way my leggings and jacket sleeves sort of overlap over the gloves and socks rather than getting bunched up above them. Maximum coverage!

    • Agreed! And my thing w/ the east river is that I get a really weird pressure thing with my ears with the slightest bit of wind, so I try to stay in less-windy place. In other words, the waterfront is out 😦

  2. Number 5 is so true! I raced the Irish Jig this morning and when I was finished, my ankles were bright red! Spring is definitely needed…

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