A Place to Call My Own: Tuesday’s 5-Miler

I’ll be honest — I missed Noah a lot on his trip out west, but holy crap has it been easy to get out of bed in the morning without someone next to me (sorry Noah, I swear I’m happy you’re home).

On Tuesday morning, after pressing snooze once or twice (though I set my alarm earlier just for that reason), I hopped out of bed with energy analogous to that of a kid on Christmas (Chanukah?) morning.

Check the temperature. Smile. Immediately, I was pleased with the above-freezing weather — a rarity this winter — and became eager to get outdoors to enjoy the morning sunrise.IMG_3511

Because I had logged 5 miles on Sunday and another 5 the morning before, I resolved to play it safe on Tuesday, mentally committing to just 3 miles of running combined with a bit of vigorous something-else. I instantly knew the perfect 3-mile route too, and wasted no time heading east in the direction of the Queensboro Bridge; I just love the little outlets on the water that offer uninhibited views of the early morning sun.


No, Tuesday’s sunrise did not disappoint. From the moment I stepped out the door, I felt strong (mind you, I was running at a somewhat slow and moderate pace), confident and at ease. Really, it’s hard not to under circumstances like these.


Once on the East River, I stretched along the barrier, addressing any tightnesses or tender areas in my shins (of which there are still many).


Best of all, I incorporated strength training into my routine — doing lunges along this catwalk (you can fit in 20 in each direction)…


…squats, some barre-based leg movements and push-ups (using OMG this very bench!).


I wasn’t alone either. On Tuesday, I worked out amongst an adorable elderly Asian couple far fitter and trendier than myself. While I lunged, she stretched. While I lifted, he walked. It was really a magical sweat session.

Even best-er of all, my body began to heat up in a relatively short amount of time, and I was able to remove my bionic (albeit awesomely neon) gloves. Do I smell spring?

IMG_3517But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Overall, the morning was perfect. Sweaty. Efficient. Tough on the quads.

I left the East River outlet feeling refreshed (though in need of a shower) and ready to start my Tuesday.

IMG_3519New York City may be a concrete jungle, but if you can find the little havens dressed with just a touch of nature, I can assure you that you’ll find yourself more at peace than ever.

  • What’s your outdoor workout haven?

6 thoughts on “A Place to Call My Own: Tuesday’s 5-Miler

  1. I love that stretch on the East River. Because I live uptown, I tend to run north, starting at 81st street (where the stairs are) and going until I hit the RFK bridge. That’s also a really great stretch in the mornings (although sometimes you’ll see some very interesting “characters” along the way!

    • ha! i try to stick to streets with non-interesting characters early in the morning, if only for the sake of my mother’s sanity 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking of going up that way! I’ve only made it to about 93rd and stop, since I’m coming from the 30’s. Also have been wanting to hit up the west side recently.

  2. I have the same running gloves! I love the bright colors and being able to use my iphone without my hands freezing. The east river looks so pretty in the morning. I’m really impressed that you’re able to wake up and run regularly. I usually run at night during the week but seeing the sunrise while running would be awesome during the week.

    • Awesome! I got these in Chicago when I went to WATCH the marathon (my boyfriend and his brothers were running it). Totally didn’t deserve to go splurging on them, but I managed to run in the city anyway! Just not 26.2 miles that is.

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