Weekend Workouts: When the Cat’s Away

As I was saying, when the cat’s away, the Stacy will workout and run on the weekend.


Noah is currently off skiing in some faraway land. And I’m home all to my lonesome with a giant Queen-size bed to myself (though I still sleep in my nook on the right) and no one to steal my dark chocolate peanut M&M’s.

Side bar: We also have a saying in my apartment that, when the Stacy’s away, Noah will combine darks and whites and ruin all our clothes — but that’s neither here nor there.

So where was I? Right. Noah gone. Me alone.

In the past, I’ve used these little breaks in, what I consider to be, a very close relationship to catch up with friends I typically might not see on a Friday or Saturday night (I am convinced that relationships in general make a person lazy). But whereas I used to turn these opportunities into late nights out on the town, these days, I’ve been celebrating in a much more low key manner.

Long dinners. Delicious food. Just a couple glasses of wine, or, not enough to wake up with a dreaded morning-after hangover.


On Saturday, I arose nice and early on my own. Cereal. Couch time. Maybe a little e-mailing. When I was ready, I rolled out the yoga mat (Saturday was far too icky for a run, and I was satisfied with the 5 I had squeezed in on Friday), pulled out the iPad (thank you, Noah, for not bringing it with you!) and summoned my old friend — Jillian Michaels (you relentless bitch).

Picture 5

I have an admitted love-hate relationship with the Biggest Loser celebrity. She’ll kick your ass until you cry, but when it’s all over, I have to say, I appreciate her dearly for it.

My biggest problem is motivating myself to get through all the reps. At least, with the video I chose on Saturday, each movement lasts at least 30 seconds. For some exercises, like, for example, all of the cardio (jumping jacks, punching, jump rope, etc.) and the core work (basic crunches and whatnot), I could go for minutes at a time. But ask me to get into push-up position and heavy-ho for 30 seconds, and I’ll more than likely push back mentally and physically just a tad.

What I can say is that, after trying Jillian’s workouts a few times now, I do feel stronger. The videos seem more doable. The time goes by more quickly.

Something else I can attest to is the efficacy of using heavier weights. I had been meaning to buy 5-pounders for Jillian’s workouts specifically. Too lazy, I’ve just been going through the motions with 8’s — even if it means I don’t quite finish the exercises on account of my arms giving out.

Each time I do this workout, I notice that I complete more than I did the time before. That’s a good thing right? Am I turning into the hulk?

Well, for those of you who were worried, fear not. On Sunday, after a blissful 5-mile run around Central Park…


…on a dewy, post-rain type of morning…


…where I had the honor of jogging (ever so slowly) next to some awesome marathoners and half marathoners…


…and reveling in a few early morning pavement peace sightings…


…I topped off my weekend with mozzarella sticks and ice cream at a diner my dad’s been wanting to check out for some time now.


That, and I hung with my incredibly hilarious and cute little nephew.


He makes life so good.

I think we can come to one conclusion after this weekend. Noah, I love you, but when the cat’s away — well — I manage to have a pretty okay time on my own.

But you can come home now.

  • How were your weekends? Any fun runs or workouts? Did you race?
  • What are your thoughts on working out with weights that are slightly heavier than what you prefer? Tough but worth it? Pain in the ass?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Workouts: When the Cat’s Away

  1. I have a similar thing, where whenever my boyfriend is gone for the weekend I end up planning lots of fun activities because I have to, while I’d normally just stay home with him.

    And I’m all about heavy weights, so long as they don’t cause me to sacrifice my form!

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