What a Difference Two Weeks Can Make

Wow. I can hardly believe it myself — what a dramatic difference a mere two weeks can make on the quality of a person’s life.

In two weeks, I’ve found myself happy with my job.

In two weeks, the mornings have started off more brightly — the skies no longer dark at 6:37am when my alarm clock (re: iPhone) goes off.


In two weeks, I’ve found it easier to get up — a greater desire to get my sweat on, when only two weeks ago, I could hardly pull the covers off from my heavy, sleep-ridden head.

On Wednesday morning, I awoke ready for action and in the mood for a little mix of fitness fun. Without too much thought or consideration, I threw on the closest clothing (including Noah’s old sweatshirt – not swear-chic, but definitely comfy) and my sneakers, and pushed myself out the door.

The temperature read 32 around 7am, so presumably, it should have been a relatively mild morning here in Manhattan. What my iPhone didn’t tell me was that the wind chill was mighty freaking cold. In short, my neck (which was the most uncovered part of my body throughout the run) felt like a Popsicle for the first 20 minutes of the morning. And considering the entire ordeal lasted just about 35 minutes, well, that’s a long period of time to feel like a frozen, fruity treat!


It’s no secret that I’ve been working my body pretty hard lately. Refine Method on Saturday. Blink (the new, no-frills gym that just opened up shop in Murray Hill) on Monday. 5-mile run on Tuesday.

Regardless of muscle soreness and my particularly cold extremities, Wednesday turned out to be awesome all around. One of the main reasons for my contentment was probably that I kept it short and sweet; I didn’t push Wednesday’s workout over the top. Instead, I kept it right where it belonged.

My Wednesday morning run took me down memory lane, along a route I frequented during my latest shin injury. To start, I ran down Lexington to Gramercy Park, where I peered through the gates that I’ll likely never be able to walk through (unless I win the lottery).


After a couple of loops around the exclusive little hideaway, I continued south to Union Square. From there, it was up Broadway to Madison Square Park, where, after a full lap, I took it back up to my apartment.


Once home, I rolled out the yoga mat to supplement the 3.5 mile run.

8 minute abs. Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus. And a headstand to punctuate my hour-long sweat session.

There you have it – a blended workout that made all of the Baked by Melissa cupcakes that would pepper my day going forward totally okay.

On that note, I heart long weekends. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!

  • Have you been loving the early sunrises or what?
  • Do you ever squish two workouts into an hour-long session?
  • Have two weeks ever made a significant difference to you?

8 thoughts on “What a Difference Two Weeks Can Make

  1. I love squishing workouts together. As a teacher, during Winter Break or over the summer, I will often do an hour-long workout (or two!) each day. And it is fantastic!

    Glad to hear things are going so well for you!

    • Thanks, Katie! If only the day allowed two workouts 🙂 I get 4 days a year when that’s possible over Thanksgiving, and that’s the one time of the year I’d prefer to be lazy and full 🙂

  2. Last summer I was training for a triathlon so I rode my bike to the pool, swam laps, and rode my bike home. It was my favorite “squished” workout … although in triathlon-speak, we call them bricks.

  3. Yes, ‘squishing’ workouts together is the best, talk about feeling accomplished. Best way of achieving it? Always throwing in a bit of yoga at the end of everything. Love it. Happy long weekend to you. 🙂

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