A Tired and Slow Run to be Proud Of

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to describe their run as tired or slow. But on Tuesday morning, after 3 blissful days of rest, relaxation and little more than watching Law & Order reruns and hanging with the fam…


…that’s exactly how I felt.

The primary difference between “tired and slow” on Tuesday and “tired and slow” on, well, practically any other day, is that I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in my sluggish demeanor.


On any normal morning run, I can attribute my slow stride to expected factors.

Lack of sleep.

Empty stomach.

Wrong side of the bed.

So why was Tuesday unique?

To start, although I might have been a little hungry (because, let’s be honest, when am I not trying to get my snack on), I wasn’t short on sleep. In fact, I had spent the previous 3 days doing things like “not setting the alarm” and “lounging around in leggings.”

So what gives?

Hard. Core. Sweat. That’s what.

Those of you who popped on in yesterday got a bit of insight into my first Refine Method class. Long story short, it was tough, I was hungover, and literally 4 days later, I can still feel it in my limbs.

But the sweat didn’t stop there. After taking a much-needed break from any kind of exercise on Sunday, and forcing Noah to continuously massage me throughout the day, I woke up ready to return to some form of physical activity on Monday. Kind of.


Brace yourself for this one, kids, because my workout consisted of neither running outdoors nor yoga. Instead, Noah – the great negotiator – convinced me to check out the new Blink studio in Murray Hill, which I had coincidentally been encouraging him to try for weeks.

A no-frills studio, Blink was pretty awesome (a much more in-depth review to come in the future). What’s important to note for today’s purposes, however, is that my workout was not in any way easy.

For one, it started here.


The plan was to spend 45 minutes to an hour with a bit of light running, weights, maybe the elliptical. When I got to the gym (it sounds weird to even write that), I started out on the dread treadmill. Then I got bored.

Within a couple minutes of slow jogging, I decided it’d be far more entertaining to ramp up my speed and test out my legs. That turned into sub 8:30 miles – even if only for 20 minutes or so.

Between Saturday’s Refine Method and Monday’s Hulk-like workout, there was no way I could push myself faster than a turtle’s speed come Tuesday morning. But, like I said, for the first time in a while – possibly ever – I was actually somewhat proud of my slow and worn out pace. I earned it, didn’t I?


Tuesday’s run was just what I needed to get the blood flowing in spite of physical exhaustion. The run took me up through Central Park, as usual. The weather was surprisingly mild (34 is considered mild, apparently) and the skies pleasantly sunny.


The route was nothing I’d never done before – simply the bottom loop and home. There’s something I love about that though (and on other mornings hate). On the days when you just hope to push on through, the last thing we need to think about is how to navigate the roads. Instead, I focused on enjoying my surroundings…


…stopping to stretch…


…and making fun of myself for wearing a gray suit in public.


In other news, after a few weeks of forgetting to eat a real lunch, I finally put together a pre-made salad (using leftover takeout dressing – brilliant!).


I also decorated my kitchen in straight up maize and blue. Really, this whole adult thing is overrated.


  • Do you ever revel in tired and slow runs?
  • Themed kitchens: a do or don’t?

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