Beating the Blizzard: Friday 5-Miler

So, if you haven’t heard yet, it’s snowing in New York City.


I wasn’t actually planning on running Friday morning. Thursday night, I guzzled a glass of wine and a half a pitcher of sangria (I’ll be honest, sounds bigger than it is, but wasn’t much more than a glass or so), topped off with an entire bag of tortilla chips, salsa and the rest of the Mexican restaurant in which we ate.

You’d think I’d have slept in — and like a log at that. It’s not the first time though, and it won’t be the last. Some of my best runs are on the mornings you’d least expect. Or I’d least expect.

Either way, I woke up at the crack of dawn with the urge to run on Friday morning — something I’ve been lacking as of late. And so, despite rain, sleet and snow, I did.


Get up.

Get out.

Beat the snow.

Get running.

And start your weekend off right.


Just don’t forget to wear a waterproof jacket.

  • Do you wake up early in anticipation of bad weather?
  • Personally, I love snowy runs. It feels like frolicking in a snow globe. Do you?

18 thoughts on “Beating the Blizzard: Friday 5-Miler

    • The me of yesteryear would have said that. I was brave then! Recently, I’ve been a bit of a wimp — but your’e right, today’s morning run in the snow was marvelous. VERY glad I did it.

  1. I’m always impressed when people go out and run in the rain (greater than a mist) or snow. I’m a big wimp. I can deal with cold or heat but not the extremes. I wish I could say different but I learning to own what I am and like it.

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