Mixing It Up: 3 Yoga Videos to Get Running (Literally)

Ugh was the first thought that came to mind when I opened my eyes on Wednesday morning. Legs achy (someone remind me, why did I start wearing heels again?), eyes heavy, back stiff.

Picture 3

I know. This whole stop looking homeless initiative is really no good for my physical well-being.

Moving on.

My plan had been to run, but immediately, I knew that I needed to stretch it out. Running would only exacerbate whatever it was that was going on in my body, even if I wanted it to calm my mind.

Heeding my body’s wishes, I set up in front of my TV. Yoga mat out. Screens ready. Al on the tube. Tara on the iPad.

Living room workouts may be simple, but they’re certainly a multi-screen experience.


Adding to my repertoire, I did a search specifically for Tara Stiles’ morning videos — the better to wake up with, my dear.

First, I came across one that I already knew I liked, and determined it’d be a good idea to begin with something a little more familiar.

Tara Stiles: Morning Yoga for Flexibility

Picture 3

Tara’s flexibility video is on the longer side of her morning sequences, coming in at a little more than 7 minutes. It’s the perfect length of time, if you ask me. From start to finish, you stretch like there’s no tomorrow. I kind of wish all of her videos were this long.

Tara Stiles Morning Routine l The Yoga Solution

Picture 1

This video was just what I needed to wake up my tired, hating-you-for-wearing-heels legs. It incorporated lots of lunges mixed with upper body stretching. In each pose, Tara encourages you to take time to move your body from side to side. Stillness is not an option.

Tara Stiles: Yoga to Get Your Morning Moving

Picture 2

A bit more on the meditative side, Tara’s “Get Your Morning Moving” sequence helps you roll out of bed and right onto the mat. Next time, I think I’d start with this. It’s ideal if you’re looking to calm your mind and, as she puts it, “keep everything clear.”

After these three videos, I began to search for one of the workouts I’m quite used to at this point: Exhale Core Fusion Pilates Plus. Just a few breaths into it though, and I realized that, woah, I had the sudden urge to run.

I didn’t have much time, but figured what the heck, two miles is better than none.

Leggings up. Ear warmers on. Gloves in hand. Out the door.

In no time, I was on the streets of Manhattan, more ready and better prepared to pound pavement than had I not gone through those three short sequences beforehand.

The (very) quick route took me down to Gramercy Park and home.


There was nothing impressive about it, but the chance to get fresh air and get my legs moving — like, really moving — was more than I could have asked for. I was in heaven, even if only for 20 minutes or so.


So there we have it. Lesson learned. On some mornings, when running doesn’t seem quite right (and, of course, if you have the time) try something else beforehand — even if it’s a few less-than 5-minute yoga sequences to get the blood flowing to your body and brain.

Now, will someone just remind me of this next time?

  • How often do you mix up your workouts in the same day?
  • Do you ever do a little yoga before going out for a run?

10 thoughts on “Mixing It Up: 3 Yoga Videos to Get Running (Literally)

    • I’ve heard people say that without yoga, they’d have fallen apart. I think the same is true of my body! It can be incredibly powerful for runners 🙂 Even just a little.

  1. If I’m doing a two-a-day, I never do the same thing (or at least I haven’t up to this point!). I like to mix it up, so typically yoga and running or 30 minutes running and 30 minutes strength training.

    I try to do a few vinyasas before running but by “try” I mean I always think I should and never do. It’s something I really need to make a bigger part of my running!!

  2. I regularly mix up workouts. Today I broke up a treadmill run with a plank and some strength work. On most Tuesdays I do #TrifectaTuesday which means getting 3 different workouts in one day (e.g. Swim in the morning, and 10 minutes on the rowing machine to warm up for a Yoga class – which I call Rowga). I even put some strength and agility moves into outdoor runs (which I call Burbathlon). It’s all on my blog if you want to check it out.

  3. Thanks for sharing those videos! I’m looking for ways to (easily and simply) incorporate yoga into my routine. I’m convinced my lack of flexibility and perpetual stiffness is holding back my ability to get FASTER, so one of my resolutions this year is to to more stretching / yoga-y things. But given the choice between a class and a run? I’ll take a run, thanks. So these shorter videos seem like a great solution!

    • That’s my mentality exactly! I always choose the run, so these are just great ways to dip your toes in the water — and keep them that way 🙂

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