The Lazy Man’s Workout: YouTube Videos I’m Loving

I wasn’t kidding when I said that this week has been nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning. I blame it on my new addiction to Downton Abbey. Because while I’ve never been a TV-before-bed kind of girl, all of a sudden, I freaking can’t get enough. Game of Thrones. Boardwalk Empire. Homeland. Law and Order (obvi). And now, just when I thought I had a break between seasons, Downton Abbey — suggestions from friends and family — has captured my attention.

Impossible mornings are simply becoming routine (if you can call three days in a row routine, that is). Fortunately, Wednesday was gross, cold and rainy, making it even more difficult to peel myself out from under the covers. Today, Thursday, was just, well, I have no excuses. It just looked cold out — a factor that typically wouldn’t deter me from running, but this week, because I’m feeling lazy, did.

Picture 2

(I know you can’t get enough of this one. You’re welcome.)

When I finally did get out of bed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I knew there was no way I would be able to do anything particularly challenging. What followed was a feeble attempt to lift, squad and crunch. When that failed, I turned to yoga.

Oh wait, that’s so weird. You’re looking for a lame excuse of a 60-minute living room workout too? Well then, I have just the answer.

Herein, YouTube videos I’m loving right now to help you not sit on your ass too. The advantage to these is that each is under 10 minutes. Choose one, two, all, or none. But at least now, there’s no more excuses.

8 Minute Abs. You know how much I love this video, despite its antiquated feel. Tip: Try it with weights. I like to hold a couple of 8-pounders in my hands to add an element of ouch.

Picture 1

Tara Stiles Total Body Yoga. I’ve been struggling to find a good yoga video on YouTube for a while. At first, I was grunting my way through Jillian Michaels’ yoga meltdown — the name alone explains why I stopped. I don’t want to melt my body. I just want to stretch and feel good.

Enter Tara Stiles, the stretch and feel good queen. Even her voice and demeanor are soothing.

I first started going to Tara Stiles’ yoga studio in Soho, Strala, back when it first opened years ago. It was $10. I was one of, like, four people who actually knew about her reputation (thanks to a former yogi boss of mine!) and each session was practically personal.

Flash forward to today. Countless New York Times articles and editorial contracts later, and her classes are packed. Sure, they’re still reasonable ($15 is reasonable in New York City, after all). But the 90-minute sessions are too long; her downtown studio too far; and to be frank, I don’t really care for the other instructors and only go to the classes for her.

Picture 2

Tara Stiles Core Strength Beginner YogaI’m nowhere near flexible enough for this, but maybe if I keep at it, I’ll get there one day? Unlikely. Anyway, straight legs or not, this is a great little core video. The yoga is definitely for the beginner. But when targeting my core, all I really want are elements of yoga; I’m more focused on the simple core moves that I now feel comfortable integrating into my own personal ab (I use this term lightly) routine.

Exhale Core Fusion Pilates PlusAn oldie and a goodie. Of all the Exhale Core Fusion videos, this one is my favorite — especially when compared to the arms and core workout. I find Pilates Plus especially great for runners, both for strengthening the glutes and muscles around the piriformis as well as stretching you head to toe.

Picture 3

Ballet and Pilates Fusion. I started up with these videos a couple of months ago and have been taking inspiration from them since. In short, I do the first halves of each video 1 and video 2. Try the videos on your own to learn whether you like them in their entirety, or if you prefer to skip around like I do.

Picture 4

Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism: Cardio Circuit 1Been loving this lately. Clearly, since I run most days, living room cardio isn’t exactly a priority. But this is just a great time. It’s fun and good for you. And what else is actually fun and good for you, besides red wine, gummy bears and the half a bag of marshmallows I scarfed down last night (no fat means healthy, right?). Anyway, it’s just 6 minutes, so you have nothing to loose. Except the time it takes you to grab a coffee, and you’ll get over that. Try it!

Picture 5

  • What living room workouts are you loving right now? Any good YouTube clips I should check out? 

10 thoughts on “The Lazy Man’s Workout: YouTube Videos I’m Loving

  1. Former yogi boss chiming in to say that I am loving Tara’s youtube stuff. Yes we did know her when…before her clothing line, Reebok contract and maybe before Deepak Chopra?

    Her core sequence of about 8 minutes is a favorite. She is also a very relaxing, wise coach with her inversion instructions.

    My resolution is to allow more ease and work out the rigid “practice”. So more Tara and a little less Ashtanga. I’m a happier person. Want to come back and work with me now????

    Loving all of your recipes too – thanks!

    • Hmm, might have to check those out! The yoga has been great. Super short, too, so you can pick and choose what’s right for you on a given day.

  2. Awesome round-up- I’m excited to check em out! I’ve been on a bit of a YouTube video kick lately. The instructor, Cassey, is way too enthusiastic of a human being, but I actually find her peppiness motivating during those times when living room lunges are less than a thrilling idea.

    • Good to know! May need to check that out — peppiness doesn’t scare me, unless I’m physically in the classroom with the instructor 🙂

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