Weekend Recap: Is This What Old Age Is Like?

Friday was my perfect night. There was a little light grocery shopping. A solid dose of cooking. A lot of wine.

On friday, my good friend Elyssa stopped by for a homecooked meal of scallops, asparagus with parmesan cheese, and a fresh, delicious salad. Good malbec. Good conversation. Post-meal dark chocolate peanut M&M’s. All set to the background noise of raindrops pattering away on my 80’s-chic New York City air conditioning unit. Nope, there was nowhere else I’d rather have been.


After several days of sunny early Central Park runs…

IMG_3113 IMG_3115

…being able to relax in good company punctuated the week well.

Friday evening’s bliss was followed by a lovely Manhattan kind of Saturday. In the morning, I woke up slowly, made myself a few crackers with peanut butter and jam, and went out for a solo run without any intent in mind.

Clad in my comfiest of gear (this purple zip-up hoodie has gone many, many miles my friends) and far too many colors…


…I figured it’d be a nice day to just loop around the lower half of Central Park. When I got there, however, my cousin (you know, this girl…)


…texted that she was on her way down Cat Hill and was heading home to her apartment. Wanting to hear some of her stories from the week, I exited Central Park almost as quickly as I had entered and instead ran back toward the east side with her.

New route in mind, I dropped Dori off at her door and then kept making my way northeast toward the water. I was immediately happy with the decision; it was the perfect day to be running on the East River.


Not sunny, but not cold either, I ran along the river enjoying dual views of the industrial city beside a pleasant (albeit slightly grimy) body of water.


At 59th Street, I re-entered the city streets, spontaneously ending my run for the day at the Amish market about a half-mile from home, where I grabbed fruits and veggies to replenish my fridge. And my belly.


I’ve been whipping up a homemade dressing lately that’s super simple and healthy too. All you need is extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, black pepper and a dash of garlic powder. Mix. Pour. Eat. Yum.


The rest of Saturday was absolutely divine and consisted of an afternoon girl’s brunch at the John Dory. On the menu: insanely good butter rolls, a lobster roll and fries to share, a crisp glass of savignon blanc, and what my good friend @bethk1126 calls Blood Mary’s on Crack (arguably, they were). Four hours later, I found myself walking home alone and incredibly content with that particular moment in time. There. Right there. Things were okay.

Saturday evening took a turn for the worst when Noah and I decided to check out Prima (a cute spot in Soho with what turned out to be awesome pesto scallops, calamari, crab cakes and mushrooms — definitely try it if you’re in the area!) for dinner. Our indulgent meal was supplemented with classy cocktails (rose water mimosa, please!) and, yes, more wine. Afterward, we met a few friends at a nearby bar. What ensued can be described as more wine and drinks and beer and drinks and, well, you get the picture.

Needless to say, I didn’t run on Sunday — but I was totally okay with that decision. It’s been more than a week since I’ve taken a true “rest” day, and while maybe lounging in bed nursing a slight hangover isn’t exactly rest, it nevertheless gave me a good excuse to be lazy. And because I wasn’t running, I was able to spend 20 minutes face-timing with this guy.


In comparison to my mileage as of late, I guess last week could be considered a “heavy” or “hard” week in running. To recap:

Monday: 5 miles (so hard, kind of sucked)

Tuesday: 5 miles (even harder, definitely sucked)

Wednesday: 60 minutes of strength training (loved staying in)

Thursday: 5 miles (surprisingly better, made me happy)

Friday: 3 miles and some weights (wasn’t in the mood to exercise, but pushed through 40 minutes of sweat anyway; glad I did)

Saturday: Unknown distance (maybe 6 or so?)

In all, that’s roughly 23 miles — about 8 more than I’ve been allowing myself in recent weeks. I’ll be honest: My shin is still an issue. But if I can squeeze these rare weeks in which I’m able to exceed 20 miles, then I’m happy to concede and scale back during the others in between.

So what’s up in the now? You guessed it folks, this week should technically be an “easy” (well, easier) week in running. Only time will tell whether I adhere to this declaration.

  • Do you alternate between “easy,” “medium” and “hard” weeks of workouts and/or running?
  • What is your ideal Friday night? Wine and friends? Chick-flicks? Multiple bottles of tequila?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Is This What Old Age Is Like?

  1. Ditto that old age Friday night fun! I had a few if my best girls over and their kiddies. Funny the one without the little people fell asleep. I think it was the good food and multiple bottles of Malbec and Merlot. I did get out for a nice 3 mile run Saturday. I skipped a weight training class today to take my little guys hiking. We were covered in mud but I am also confident we put some mileage in. Love the photos. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend old age style. Despite the slight hangover. Have a great week!

    • Isn’t there something satisfying about returning from a day outdoors covered in mud? Granted, the clean-up isn’t so fun. But it’s like you know you earned your sweat.

  2. Wine and friends, always. And if I’m going out to a bar, I want it to be one where I can hang out with a group of friends, nothing where I have to get too dressed up. I’m prematurely old, basically!

    I definitely try to alternate heavy and light weeks, although I think that just comes with both listening to my body and seeing how much motivation I have that week. It’s great you were able to get in a 20+ mileage week without any pain!

    • Well, relatively no pain. And yes! I’m self-proclaimed prematurely old too. Totally fine with it. Except somehow couldn’t get out of bed today — very uncharacteristic.

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