Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up

So first thing’s first: thoughts on the new header? To make a long story short, I basically get anxious while watching Homeland — but can’t not watch Homeland — so I distracted myself for a few moments of last night’s episode by playing with Photoshop and glitter.


Let’s start with a little honesty this morning. November was an absolutely awful month in terms of stress. But truth be told, change is never easy, and, even in the face of change that is welcome, it can be incredibly difficult to accept.


I think Noah would agree; for the first time in a long time, I handled the circumstance I was facing well. Maybe it’s because I saw a career change coming, or maybe it’s because I was finally able to move on to the next challenge as I had been wanting to do for so long. Regardless, whatever decision I made would be important. To sit around and wait for the answer to magically materialize, or to pursue it relentlessly on my own? It goes without saying that I chose the latter.


My dad always said that good casts yield rewards. As a passionate fisherman, he meant it pretty literally — but it’s a mantra that I’ve transferred into so many other aspects of my life besides trying to land a bass.

Well, looking back on the last four weeks — running from one interview to the next, freelancing full-time, and still trying to maintain this blog and run — I’d say my lure landed right where I wanted it. As of Friday, it all came together, and as of January 7th, I will officially be working again.

What to do until then, you ask? After all, that’s nearly three weeks away.

The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing, except run, hang out with family, and celebrate the holiday season.

You’d think that, with all this relief, I’d have woken up on Saturday morning excited to run. But I surprised myself by recognizing the exact opposite sentiment; I wanted to lay, I wanted to wander, and I certainly didn’t feel like running.

So I didn’t.

After a night out in Brooklyn, where I caught the Michigan vs. West Virginia game from my awesome court-side seats…

…I woke up to gray, ugly New York City skies. You’d think that, given the higher-than-usual amount of beer I guzzled during the game, I’d have woken up on Sunday morning excited to sleep. In that vein, I surprised myself by recognizing the exact opposite sentiment; I wanted to run, I wanted to frolic in the rain, and I certainly didn’t feel like staying in bed.

So I didn’t. Instead, I ran.

Sunday morning’s misty run was a slow, short four miles to the Columbus Circle holiday market and home.



It was pretty gross out, and the rain and wind became increasingly stronger as time went on. When I got home, I was soaked, exhausted (despite the distance) and ready to rescind my former rejection of a day spent on the couch. After a quick supermarket sweep, where Noah and I grabbed Nacho essentials…

(Food pictures! Lo-fi gooey cheese!)

…and, naturally, Mallomars…

…I plopped myself right onto the couch, where I didn’t move for the rest of the day.

  • Did you run this weekend? Any good ones? Better yet, any good impulsive supermarket purchases that you definitely don’t regret? Do you put your Mallomars in the fridge?

6 thoughts on “Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up

  1. This whole years has been lots of change and lots of challenges…but we can get through them one at a time! Hang in there and here’s to a less stressful 2013!

    Also, I ran my first 10k this weekend. It was a surprisingly challenging course (where I train is flat, but the race was over bridges and hills)…but I still paced the way I did during training! Wooohooo…let 15k training begin!

  2. Great post! I feel like it’s a difficult thing sometimes to recognize what your body is telling you and to OBEY. I struggle with this a lot, so it was great to hear that when you wanted to run? You ran. When you didn’t? You didn’t. So often we make this running “hobby” into a chore and take the joy out of it by doing so. Instead, you had a great weekend only made BETTER by your running. And the nachos and Mallomars (of course)/

  3. It definitely has been an interesting year overall.

    I did run this weekend, 8 miles with my team. It was one of those runs that helped me to lift my mood from the previous day and be able to move forward… you know?

    • I know exactly. The frustrating part is when you feel balanced after, and then the stress comes flooding back. Fortunately, there’s always another chance to run. Here’s to a slightly less insane 2013, amirite?

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