Forget Words Friday: I’m Literally Speechless! My 200th Post!

I can’t believe it; all it took was a year to publish my 200th post. While I’m usually a talker, I figured I’d take today to give you all a break from words. It’s Friday, after all. Take it easy. Rest your eyeballs.

Instead, I’ve decided to post a visual from one of my favorite runs this week. While sore and tired from the increased running and strength training post-four-day-fever, getting back to my routine has felt incredible. Finally, after a crappy slightly frustrating and challenging November, things are starting to come together. Life is settling down again.

Enjoy, and thanks for returning to my little space on the web over the last year. And if you haven’t yet gone for a leisurely jog with a camera, try it! You might just like what you find — and find what you like.


  • Do you carry a camera or phone when running, or document your workouts in any way?
  • Where is your No. 1 favorite place to run?

4 thoughts on “Forget Words Friday: I’m Literally Speechless! My 200th Post!

  1. This weekend I’m running my longest ever solo run. Usually I train with a group but, due to the holiday season, I’m on my lonesome for 18 LOOOOONG miles. I think the only thing that’s going to get me through it is my iphone: music and radio and pictures along the way (I’m planning on a loop of the park and then South along the West Side highway and around the Southern tip of the island? Maybe?) to share in a future post about how in the hell i ran for ~3 hours on my own. Eek!

    Your pictures were lovely!!!

    • And by the way, 18 miles is beastly. More than I’ve ever done! My max is 15 — but it sounds like your route is perfect. There’s nothing I love more than the park and west side highway. Winning combo!

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