5 Winter Running Non-Negotiables

So I have a soft spot for Patti Stanger, aka Millionaire Matchmaker. Yea, I said it.

Anywho, the weather outside has been, well, surprisingly warm. No run has required more than the typical winter running gear that I already own, and yet, I know my luck will run out soon.

While the temperatures in New York City may be reaching a high of 60 today, we’ll be sure to encounter sub-freezing mornings in just a short period of time. Herein, check out some of my favorite pieces of winter running gear for the coldest of mornings. Excuses are out!

1. 180s. It’s not just the fact that these wrap-around earmuffs hold snug and tight. Much more than a winter warmer, 180s are designed to hold earbuds too — you know, those headphones made by Apple that refuse to actually stay in? With 180s, they totally do — and the music blares through the thermal lining without any issues.

(Bonus: They’re glittery.)

2. Fleece leggings. I didn’t discover fleece leggings until the night before the Manhattan Half Marathon last winter. Flashback: January 2012. Temperature: 30s. Forecast: blizzard, but only for the two hours in which I’d be running the race. Awesome.

While I know you’re not supposed to wear anything new on race day, a snowy outlook meant that I’d be purchasing — and wearing — all new gear. Fleece leggings were on my list, and I just happened to purchase this purple pair (because there were no mediums left in black) from Nike.

3. iPhone-friendly gloves. There’s nothing worse than running along in a groove when bam, Third Eye Blind comes on. Avoid bad music — and warm your hands — with a pair of awesome, fleecy gloves. I love these from Nike. Overpriced? Yes. But that’s the cost of neon detailing, I suppose.

(Check out this little spot for your key too! I have never used this. But it’s there, just in case.)

4. High-zipped Hoodie. When searching for the perfect winter running hoodie, seek those out that zip high up onto your neck to protect against wind and a biting chill. I bought this thick mamma more than three years ago at a Paragon Sports sale. It’s Nike (coincidentally; I swear I’m not a Nike fiend), it’s purple, and it practically zips up to my chin. What more could a girl ask for?

5. Extra-thick headband. For mornings when I don’t feel like wearing my 180s, I like to throw on this extra-thick headband. Not only does it catch my sweat, but it’s super comfy and can be used to cover my ears, forehead, and sometimes even the back of my neck. It’s great and it’s lightweight, and you can still easily wear headphones — almost any kind, in fact — underneath.

  • What are your winter non-negotiables? 
  • Has it been wintery where you live, or mysteriously warm like it has been here in New York?

12 thoughts on “5 Winter Running Non-Negotiables

  1. Definitely something to keep my ears warm! If they’re freezing, I feel like it makes the rest of me cold. And, of course, have to keep my torso warm. I can deal with a freezing butt, but not a freezing chest!

  2. Those gloves look kind of cool, though it’s never cold enough here for me to wear them. I especially dig the little key-slot. I always end up tying my keys to my shoelace when I run – luckily I haven’t lost them yet, heh.

    • That would make me so nervous! I feel like I’d end up running looking down the entire time to make sure they’re still there.

    • Thank you! You’re so sweet. The purple tights are great, but I have to admit, I def wanted the black ones originally. These kind of make me look like a California raisin.

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