Weekend Recap: Work With Me, Immune System

As it turns out, running from one interview to the next while dealing with increasingly high levels of stress can totally run you into the ground. Translation: I’ve felt like total crap all weekend — since Friday, to be exact, when Noah woke me up in the wee hours of the morning by clomping around the apartment with about as much grace as a bear.

After last week’s circus, I decided to head out to Long Island for the weekend to get me some of that delicious country air. Still feeling run down on Saturday morning, I figured that some yoga and vitamins were in order.

What made this Saturday in Great Neck different from all other Saturdays? For starters, when I typically head back to my parent’s house, I try to squeeze in a run around the neighborhood to soak in the quiet, suburban surroundings. But I was exhausted. I was cranky. I was unbalanced and cloudy. No, Saturday was not for running. Saturday called for yoga and pictures of cute nephews eating egg sandwiches (with his own hands!).

My need for yoga wasn’t just mental either. I’ve been attempting to be mindful of my physical well-being too by keeping track of the number of miles I’m logging in a given week in order to alternate between “hard,” “moderate” and “easy” workout schedules; Hilton Head was a decidedly tough week of working out, between long beach runs and even longer bike rides. To counteract the effects of a sweaty Thanksgiving getaway, last week, I switched off between three-mile runs and 30-50 minute strength training sessions on my living room floor.
That said, Saturday would be the perfect opportunity to shake and stretch it all out with yoga.

The only other time I’ve practiced yoga in Great Neck was when I tagged along with my sister-in-law to a New York Sports Club nearby. There, I had to lie my way into the facility since she had run out of guests passes, claiming that I had recently moved back to the neighborhood and was looking for the perfect gym.

Lying: not the best way to start off a yoga class.

So when I discovered Bonda Yoga, I was already off to a good start; I signed up and rolled out my rented mat with a guilt-free mind.IMG_2754Bonda Yoga turned out to be an adorable yoga studio with totally reasonable prices. At $20 for 90 minutes, the class was extremely calming and led by a soothing male instructor. To top it off, the flow seemed to be rooted in Jivamukti’s tradition, each pose which was held for a minimum of five seconds.

I found myself centered and sound for at least an hour of the class. (90 minutes of almost anything is too much for me, and so those last 30 minutes were a bit of a mental struggle. Really, another vinyasa? Haven’t we chaturanga-ed enough? I’m ready for my smoothie! Let me out of here!)

Finally, 10 minutes after the class was supposed to end — which, yes, made it a 100-minute yoga class for all you math geniuses out there — I walked out feeling refreshed, but still like crap. Fortunately, there’s a new all-organic and vegan cafe located conveniently next to the studio, where I picked up a smoothie made of strawberries, bananas and almond milk. Great Neck has come quite a way since the days when I was a kid there.IMG_2755On Sunday, I rested. I took medicine. I got lunch with my best childhood friend.

I didn’t even think of running.

While I don’t exactly feel like a million bucks right now, I can at least rest easy knowing that I’ve been treating my body as though that’s exactly what it’s worth. With a little luck, I’m hoping these efforts — combined with a few extra vitamins — will have me feeling better in no time. Either way, I don’t have much of a choice. Because as of Monday, it’s crunch time.

Here’s to a fruitful December.

  • Do you seem to get sick at the least convenient of times?
  • Checking out random yoga classes while traveling: do or don’t?

One thought on “Weekend Recap: Work With Me, Immune System

  1. I haven’t done much traveling since I really got into yoga, but whenever I go home I take my dad’s yoga class (he teaches at a couple local gyms) and it’s such a nice thing to do. I really like checking out random classes when I’m in new places now, though!

    And yes, sickness always strikes when I’m busy doing something important (aka stressed — hmm, wonder if they’re connected…)

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