Summing It All Up As: Chaos

I had this moment of clarity during Thurday’s run that summed it all up, and it was bright, colorful and in-my-face as ever.


To fill you all in, I’ve been aggressively on the job hunt for the last couple of weeks. On the bright side, it’s actually going totally okay. But running around from one interview to the next, while completing extensive writing tests during every ounce of my “free” (I use this term lightly) time, has really taken a toll on me in a crazy-short period of time.

Hey, universe, could you just throw a few bones my way? Pretty please?

Not all that surprisingly, running has been an incredible outlet both last week and this, and whether it’s the beaches of Hilton Head or the streets or New York City, the ability to run fast or slow, short or long, with purpose or aimlessly, has offered a much-needed sense of relief. If I can’t have my way in certain other aspects of my life, at least for the time being, I can at least aim to have full control over my runs.

On Wednesday morning, I wanted to continue piggy-backing off of that permeating Christmas cheer, and so that’s exactly what I did.

The run started with a quick trip downtown to Gramercy Park, where I rounded the perimeter a couple of times before heading west to Madison Square Park. After two mindless loops of Madison Square, it was up Fifth Avenue, past the J Crew sample sale (really? people wait on those lines?) and back to my apartment.

Neither speedy nor strong, the run was simply that — a run. There were no shining details to describe or accomplishments to applaud. It was just me, Manhattan, and the pavement beneath my feet. Being able to lose myself, even if only for three miles or so, was really all that I needed.

Just when I was about to end the run, Louis Armstrong floated back into my ears. This time, it was Dream A Little Dream of Me. I couldn’t ignore it.

Ok, another few blocks won’t hurt. You win this round, Pandora.

If you’ve never run to jazzy tunes around Christmas, then you’d be just like me. I never have either. But since discovering a few new — well, old — songs just a few days ago, I’m kind of hooked. Try it, and you might just see what I mean. It’s magical.

  • Do you change up your music based on the time of the year?
  • Have you ever run to jazz?
  • Do you look for signs in the environment while running?

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