Hilton Head Island: Reset and Run

‘Tis the season – when New York City streets become unbearably crowded and commuters think it’s socially acceptable to grunt, snort and sneeze without any regard for the personal space of others.

No, November has not been very kind to me.

Fortunately, I have an adorable nephew…

…who loves making pig faces. There, all of life’s problems, solved.

As I waved down a cab on Tuesday of last week, tossed my luggage in the trunk and began driving toward LaGuardia Airport, I felt exhausted, frustrated and lost. During the one time of the year when we’re supposed to put negativity aside and focus on cheer – on having access to everything we need, and ignoring the rest – I was having a bit of trouble. To top it all off, I was randomly selected for security screening at the airport despite wearing skin-tight leggings and a practically see-through white tank. (Please tell me, officer, where could I possibly hide any weapons or paraphernalia?)

Like I said, November has really sucked.

Yet moments after arriving at my destination – Hilton Head, South Carolina – I remembered what it was like to feel good again.

Waves of positivity – of gratefulness – came flooding in with the rising ocean tide, and despite a few less-than-ideal trials that lay ahead, I allowed a welcome some of clarity that I’ve been struggling to pinpoint for some time to wash over my body and soul.

Not that I didn’t know this already, but whereas most families spend the holiday season kicking back and watching Three Stooges reruns with a glass of egg nog in tow, Thanksgiving with Noah’s family is spent working up a sweat, from the beach with its pristine running surface to the pathways of the island, perfect for bike riding, rollerblading or whatever else floats your exercise-loving boat.

Each day, amid sunshine and warmth, I was able to soak in all of the elements while jogging on tightly packed sand and biking past trees so tall and majestic you’d think you’re on a movie set.

For the last week, I had the privilege of waking up to this…

…sitting down to this…

 …running on this…

…and biking through this.

To say that I’d love to be back on the beaches of Hilton Head – like, right now – would be a serious understatement. A vacation like that has the inherent ability to reset you physically and mentally, and regardless of what challenges are in my future, I at least feel as though I was able to take a step back and do something proactive, even if only for a few days.

Here’s to a better December.

Lazar’s Chocolate Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations Nicole and Krissy on scoring yourself a half-pound box of assorted chocolate from Lazar’s! I’ll be in touch shortly. Be sure to let me know where I can send these treats!

  • Did you run anywhere interesting and fun over Thanksgiving?
  • Do you enjoy beach runs? What are your favorite beaches to run on?
  • Does your family love to run or laze about during the holiday season?

2 thoughts on “Hilton Head Island: Reset and Run

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