Nayad Sportswear Giveaway: Runners Can Make a Splash Too

It’s not everyday that you’re offered the chance to test out a piece of fitness equipment with dual purpose. Would I ever jump in the pool with my running clothes on? Maybe, but it wouldn’t look all that attractive. Would I ever run with ski goggles? I mean, if dared to, I suppose I could; but holy face mask that would be incredibly uncomfortable.

All that changes with Nayad, a company started by two lovely ladies who melded the needs of runners and swimmers (and I suppose yogis and every other athlete too) together into one hybrid brand.

It started with an e-mail from Nayad’s co-founder Kate, a former Manhattanite who teamed up with Jennie, the other part of the co-founding equation. (You can read their full stories here.)

An exercise buff with a love of the mental gain attained from a hard-earned sweat (a girl after my own heart, indeed), Kate suggested I check out their new collection of gym, swim, run-friendly fitness apparel. I was sold. After all, versatility is a virtue.

From there, I had the privilege of working with Kate directly to create an awesome two-toned set of aqua swim shorts and an aqua fitness top which, as their names suggest, can be worn from the pavement to the pool—even in pigeon pose. (Sorry, I got a little carried away with that one.)

What Nayad offers is truly unique. Marrying athletic silhouettes with quick-drying, dancewear construction, there is bound to be something that piques everyone’s fitness fashion palate. As a picky consumer myself, I personally love the fact that Nayad encourages you to get creative (if you want) and choose all of the specifics, from waistband width to style and color.

I’m not the most coordinated person in the world (and absolutely adore mixing prints), but here’s what I came up with.

Bottoms: Black + “Inhale” (translation, crazy colorful flowers) waist with a wide waistband.

Top: Black, scoop neck with a criss-cross back and “whichever purple tile color goes best with the Inhale purple shade.” Specificity is a strong point of mine.

Truth: I never wore the top and bottom together because, as an outdoor runner, I faithfully believe in covering up my entire epidermis. You will never see me running in a sports bra and tiny spandex shorts; I prefer to leave those outfits to the elites.

I did, however, test each out separately. I absolutely loved the way the sports bra top looked (criss-cross back = so cute), felt and held me in tightly (not that there’s much to hold). I couldn’t wait to put it back on again after using it once, and am now totally stoked to go to Hilton Head for Thanksgiving, where I can take the top from a nice, long beach run straight to the hot tub.

As for the shorts, while flattering from behind, I see myself wearing these during yoga and not necessarily for running. This is totally a personal preference however, not anything Nayad could have done; I simply can’t run in ultra-tight shorts. I tried. I tried again. And ultimately, I like little, loose mesh shorts so much more. Fortunately, the quick-dry material will be perfect for hot power yoga this winter or even fishing on my dad’s boat next summer.

Want to check out a set of your own? Guess what. Nayad has agreed to run an amazing giveaway, in which the winner gets to choose a top and bottom – any style – of their own. (The retail value is over $125.)

Want to enter? It’s easy. Simply leave a comment below describing which activities you’d wear your new Nayad top and bottom for. Would you wear them together, or separately? Running, swimming, yoga and badminton are all acceptable answers.

For a bonus entry, Tweet out something along the lines of the following (and let me know below): I just entered this #giveaway to design my own running top + bottom from @RunForGlitter + @nayadwoman #runpretty

I’ll choose a winner first thing Monday morning, once I’ve drank all the wine out on the East End of Long Island. Off to the vineyards for a belated birthday present for Noah!

  • Which activities would you wear your new Nayad top and bottom for?
  • Do you wear the same clothing for different workouts, or do you have separate wardrobes? 

36 thoughts on “Nayad Sportswear Giveaway: Runners Can Make a Splash Too

  1. I would wear them together, at the beach! It would definitely be nice to run on the beach and then get in to cool off!!

  2. I love these! I have actually been on their site designing since I saw you first post about them! Its hard to decide which colors I like though!

    I would definitely wear the gear to spin class and yoga and to run and prob to lounge in my house.

    And when the Jersey Shore beaches are resurrected, I will wear it there too. Run on the beach then jump in Ocean? Win/Win.

  3. I’d wear them for running and yoga, and the top for high impact workouts as well. I have slightly different wardrobes, depending on how high or low impact my workout is!

  4. What an amazing giveaway!! This looks awesome! 🙂 I may need to push them to the back of the drawer for the winter, but I’d for sure wear these to rock my weightlifting workouts when it’s warm out! I LOVE that sports bra that you came up with!

  5. I’d wear them together, but I’d likely follow your lead and have a tank over my sports bra! I’d probably do Purple shorts with Soar waistband… or brown with energy waistband and a coordinating bra!

  6. I would wear them running, and to the lovely Pilates studio that is my study. Perhaps they would make the treadmill less horrible on the days when I don’t have enough daylight outside of work to run outside:)

  7. Oh my yes! I would swim my heart out in that stuff! I’m not comfortable enough to run in something like that yet, but for some reason, it’s ok to swim in skimpy stuff. I’m weird. Swimmers are weird.

  8. Thanks for sharing this giveaway~ I’d go swimming with this pair together. And perhaps runnning, too! Fabulous!

  9. Running for me requires certain kinds of shorts. They can’t ride, they have to be comfortable, and usually I prefer tights or below the knee leggings. I’d have to try the shorts out! And the bra, I’d probably wear doing anything!

  10. I don’t know how to tweet but I shared this on FB and texted my sister and daughter about it! I’d love to win this prize, it’s so awesome! I’d wear them speed walking, swimming and while practicing Yoga every morning!

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